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A deeply soothing topical for pain and inflammation

  • h Indica-Dominant Hybrid
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Whole cannabis flower available in 1/8ths

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Face Oil for all skin types

  • h Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
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Hand-grown and hand-rolled with love

Why Sava?

Friend-like recommendations.

We rigorously vet the vast world of cannabis and hand-pick the cream of the crop, tailored to your real-life needs. We're like the cannabis-expert-friend you never had.

Elevated experiences. 

From the way we pack it to the moment we drop it off at your doorstep, we find creative ways to elevate the experience of buying, trying and enjoying cannabis.

Women supporting women.

We are founded and led by women, and we actively foster gender inclusivity to balance the power dynamics as the cannabis industry grows.

Freshly Picked

  • i Indica
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Vape cartridges made with single strain cannabis

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High dose chocolate bar with 100mg of THC

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Skin Relief Formula

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For localized pain relief. Available in 2-packs or 6-packs.

I Use Sava for Sleep

I've always been someone who doesn't sleep well. Ever since I started using the sleep tinctures from Sava, I can easily get a full 8 hours uninterrupted. I just generally feel calmer since I started integrating cannabis into my life.

— Natalie, San Francisco
Brands / November 2019
But what if we spiked seltzer with weed?
Cann is an award-winning cannabis-infused social tonic that prioritizes both effects and delicious taste. With five simple and all-natural ingredients, they make the perfect substitute for that glass of wine, but without the hangover the next morning.
Recipes / November 2017
Cannabis Infused Tea Cocktails
Want to add a little twist to parties and family gatherings? Kikoko's mixologist has concocted cocktail replacement made from our cannabis-infused teas.
Recipes / January 2019
Pumpkin Pudding and Pumpkin Spice Potcorn
If you’re craving dessert, this baked pumpkin and sour cream pudding hits all the right notes. Top it with our pumpkin spice Potcorn brittle for a festive treat that’s both sweet and savory.

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