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Endocannabinoid System – Questions Answered

Each month we ask Nurse Practitioner Eloise Theisen a few of your burning questions. Have questions you’d like answered? Email them to [email protected] Q: Why does cannabis work so well for so many different ailments? A: It is natural to be skeptical of... read more

How to Use Cannabis for Sleep

Each month Nurse Practitioner Eloise Theisen will explain how to use cannabis for a specific ailment or issue. Have a protocol you want outlined? Email [email protected] Insomnia can be relatively easy to treat with cannabis. In some cases though, insomnia can... read more

Bloom Farms Donates A Meal for Each Item Sold

Bloom Farms is on a mission to stop hunger. For every Bloom Farms product purchased, they donate one meal to a food-insecure family or individual. Their goal it to feed 1 million families, and they have already donated over 500,000 meals via their food bank... read more

Lord Jones Brings their Famous Edibles to SAVA

Lord Jones was founded by husband and wife team Robert Rosenheck and Cindy Capobianco, who have years of experience working in the fashion, food, and personal care industries prior to entering the cannabis industry. They wanted to provide patients and consumers with... read more

What is THCV

What is THCV? The cannabis plant has a variety of cannabinoids – THC, CBD, THCA, CBDA, and so forth. As we continue to study the healing properties of the plant, we continue to learn about new cannabinoids and what they do. THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is the... read more

PremaFlora Farm Tour

PremaFlora provides access to premium-quality, artisan-crafted cannabis flowers produced sustainably by small farms. They partner exclusively with small farms committed to growing outstanding cannabis flowers while improving their local communities, lands, and... read more

Inviting Mary Jane to Your Yoga Practice

The first few times I consumed cannabis were so unremarkable that I can’t recall them, but my third experience was a doozy. I was fifteen, in high school, adventurous, and ready for my long-promised adulthood. I can still see it: My boyfriend standing in the kitchen,... read more

Cannabis Medicine for Pets

Just like humans, cats, dogs, and all other animals have endocannabinoid receptors that allow cannabis medicine to work its wonders. While cannabis medicine functions differently in our pets, sometimes working even more effectively than it does on us, with some... read more

How To Replace Your Medicine Cabinet With Cannabis

Perusing the labels of many over the counter pharmaceuticals yields a laundry list of “common” side effects more harrowing than the ailments they purport to treat – bleeding, skin rash, liver failure. No wonder many consumers, especially women, are searching for... read more

Why Cannabis is the Next Big Thing in Skin Care

Guest post by Bridget May of Little Green Bee.  Why Is Cannabis the Next Big Thing in Skin Care? One Word: Antioxidants It’s common knowledge today that cannabis topicals are great pain relievers — a good cannabis balm can alleviate muscle and joint pain caused... read more

Cannabis Concentrates – Native Seed Rosin

Guest blog by Native Seed Concentrates are simply cannabis in a concentrated form, and far more potent than smoking just flowers. Much higher in THC, it can be very beneficial for patients who suffer from different ailments such as chronic pain or insomnia. There are... read more

Cannabis for Colds

With cold season in full effect, we’re all looking for ways to ease the symptoms of cold and flu – general discomfort, trouble sleeping, sore and achy muscles. When used the right way, cannabis offers great relief from symptoms and helps minimize... read more

Moxie Meds: Creating CBD Medicines

Guest blog by Jessica Peters of Moxie Meds As a longtime activist for and supporter of natural, organic foods and alternative medicines, I started Moxie Meds to create the best possible medications with the healthiest, highest quality organic ingredients. Having... read more

HoneyBeeBuzzed: Creating Community through Cannabis

When HoneyBeeBuzzed founder, Ellen Markham, relocated to Humboldt County from Portland, Oregon, she missed her community and looked for a network of like-minded friends and business associates. She found what she was looking for and more last summer when she was... read more

The Healing Power of Whole Plant CBD

Guest blog by Robin & Chaos of The Farmaceuticals Co. “I have to tell you, Robs – I took it and felt like, okay, I can do this. I can breathe again. I think I’ll go do some beading.” Tears squeezed out of the corners of my eyes as I pulled my phone away from my... read more

Flour Child: Raising the Bar on Edibles

Stephany, Founder of Flour Child, has always been in love with food. From a young age she started cooking and reading about food and always knew she wanted a career working with food. Growing up in the Bay Area she was also surrounded by cannabis culture. When she... read more

Micro Dosing Cannabis Stopped My Chronic Pain

Micro dosing is not a new concept when it comes to cannabis. The term micro dosing has been thrown around a lot over the past couple of years. Many people refer to micro dosing in terms of taking small amounts of cannabis, waiting to feel the effects, and then taking... read more

Treat Yourself: More Than a Catchphrase

How did Treat Yourself Start?  What was the inspiration? In 2014 we eagerly broke into the cannabis industry with nutritious edibles. Eating the plant is a powerful and convenient way for many people to receive its medicinal benefits, but most edibles we found were... read more

Clean Eating and the True Meaning of “Healthy”

Today’s world is inundated with fad diets and quick solution weight loss plans promising the benefits of “health”. However, since we’re human, we’re drawn towards the path of least resistance and instant gratification. It’s important to know that CLEAN EATING IS... read more

The Spread of Cannabis Throughout the World

This week the folks at CHOOSELOVE give us a little history lesson on our favorite plant. While cannabis may have come to the U.S in the last century, the plant has an ancient relationship with human beings as a healing, recreational, and mind-expanding medicine. *****... read more

Recipe: Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric CBD Tonic

Based on the Ayurvedic recipe for “Golden Milk”, this tea combines turmeric, ginger, coconut oil, honey, and CBD to provide relief from inflammation, arthritis, sore muscles, hangover, and a range of other maladies. Turmeric has long been used in South Asia for its... read more

Pairing High-Quality Cannabis with Social Good

Founding Story: How did Bloom Farms start?  What was the inspiration? The idea for Bloom Farms came from the recognition of a gap in the marketplace by BF Founder, Michael Ray. Michael felt as though consumers like him just weren’t being served by the cannabis... read more

The Science Behind How Cannabis Reduces Inflammation

By Bridget May (Little Green Bee) The more we find out about the chemistry and botany of the plant genus Cannabis, the more it is revealed that its medicinal properties are just as therapeutic and lifesaving as all the hype has been promising. Researchers are learning... read more

Flow Kana Provides Top Quality Flower

Flow Kana is the first sustainable, sun-grown cannabis brand that supports the small farmer ecosystem. They partner with premier craft farmers in the Emerald Triangle who focus on small-batch boutique strains. Sava now carries seven strains of Flow Kana Flower in our... read more

Topicals: A Revelation in Treating Pain with Cannabis

By Andrea Brooks, Sava Founder | A Journey from Pain to Wellness My personal journey into the cannabis industry started with my own pain. Several years ago I was the program director for a San Francisco human and social services nonprofit, doing a job that I... read more

Cannabis and Chocolate: A Match Made in Heaven

Here is some news that will make your day: when paired together, cannabis and chocolate form a superfood that has greater health benefits than when either is consumed alone. The science of how cannabis and chocolate work together has taught us that in concert the... read more

Understanding Terpenes

by Brandy Petricka | Have you ever wondered why, when you smell certain things they transport you to a memory or a feeling? Some pleasant, some not-so pleasant. For instance, whenever I smell lavender I pause, I can feel myself calm and relax. This smell has become my... read more

The Top 5 Uses of Cannabis

Top 5 Uses for Cannabis We know that cannabis is an effective remedy for pain and aids in relaxation – but did you know that it can improve your sex life? “Some years ago I was decidedly anti-cannabis. It was for stoners, it sucked you into the couch like... read more

Cannabis-Enhanced Love: Using Weed for Better Sex 

by Dee Dussault | For people who already use cannabis to heighten sex, the notion makes total sense. Cannabis increases relaxation, which enhances bodily sensitivity. Tantra teaches that we enjoy more of life when we’re feeling relaxed. Think about how... read more

Join the Low-Dose Movement

Do you manage your health symptoms best via low doses? You’re not alone. “Many medical cannabis patients take an overly aggressive approach to treatment.  If one hit off a joint or one square of chocolate helps a little, then a whole joint or a whole chocolate... read more

What’s ‘The Entourage Effect’?

While individual components of the cannabis plant likely exert therapeutic effects, evidence is mounting that these compounds work better together than in isolation: This is called the “entourage effect.” “In the early 1960s, a young postdoctoral... read more

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