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Bloom Farms is on a mission to stop hunger. For every Bloom Farms product purchased, they donate one meal to a food-insecure family or individual.

Their goal it to feed 1 million families, and they have already donated over 500,000 meals via their food bank partnerships.

It all starts with you. When you buy a Bloom Farms Highlighter Set or Highlighter Replacement Cartridge, you are ensured that a portion of your money is going to a good cause. At the end of the month, they calculate the number of items sold and make a donation to one of their nonprofit partners. This donation will cover the cost of sourcing and distributing a healthy meal to a family in need. One item = One Meal.

What is the impact of a single meal?

One single meal can mean the difference between going to bed hungry and going to bed healthy.

Here is what you probably didn’t know:

Children, seniors, unemployed, and low-wage workers make up the majority of those struggling with hunger.



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