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Sava Cannabis ChocoloateHere is some news that will make your day: when paired together, cannabis and chocolate form a superfood that has greater health benefits than when either is consumed alone. The science of how cannabis and chocolate work together has taught us that in concert the healing properties are magnified, giving us one more reason to eat that truffle.

Alone, each has its own benefits. People who consume chocolate regularly have been shown to have lower cholesterol and heart disease. It’s anti-inflammatory and generally makes you feel good. The THC and CBD in cannabis have also been documented to have anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, analgesic, and mood elevating properties, to name just a few.

What happens when you combine the two?

It’s Not In Our Head – It’s In Our Brain

When it comes to our brains we often use the metaphor of neurotransmitters as keys and receptors as locks. A key fits in a lock and releases a feeling or experience. In our brains we have receptor sites for cannabinoids, namely CBD and THC. However, these same receptor sites work with Anandamide, a neurotransmitter found in chocolate.

Anandamide was named after the sanskrit word ananda, which means bliss, because of the general feeling of wellbeing and pleasure it produces. It elevates mood, appetite, and lowers perception of pain.

Chocolate also contains cannabinoid breakdown inhibitors, which possibly allow feelings from a truffle or brownie to stay around longer, and chocolate has a vasoconstrictor that allows nutrients or chemicals to flow more easily into tissues, potentially explaining why the feelings of a medicated chocolate are greater.

An additional benefit–it’s chocolate and cannabis. Together. And it’s good for you.

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How can you consume cannabis and chocolate? Let’s count the ways. There is an abundance of product on the market combining these superfoods, and Sava stocks several high quality options:



Ardent – Raw, vegan, and gluten-free, these delightful truffles are made with all organic ingredients and produced using raw methods. They come in six flavors – Almond Rocher, Turkish Coffee, Toasted Coconut, Matcha Green Tea, Maple, Pumpkin Spice – and cost $12 for three, each containing 15 MG of THC. These are an excellent choice if you’d like something with a medium dose, eat two or cut in half to adjust.

Probiotic Chocolates


Functional Flora – Chocolates bites are made with 70% cacao dark chocolate and balance a daily probiotic with a moderate cannabis dose for those desiring a functional edible experience. Each chocolate has 5 MG THC and 10 Billion Live Cultures. They are $6 for two bites, $24 for twelve bites. These are an excellent low dose option if you’d like to consume cannabis and probiotics daily as part of your health regimen with low psychoactive effects. They also come in Dark Mint Chocolate.

Raw CBD Sipping Cacao


Om Edibles – Before cacao is cooked (and processed into cocoa) it is an extremely high antioxidant containing food. CBD is non-psychoactive, in addition to being a great anti-inflammatory and having other numerous benefits. Add this cacao paste to any warm milk or spoon on a piece of fruit. A 4 oz jar costs $36 and contains 80 MG of CBD. This is another excellent option for those looking at add cannabis and chocolate into a daily health regimen, but without any psychoactive effects.

Peanut Butter Cup


Om Edibles – A very high-dose option, the cups are made with non-medicated Belgium Chocolate and very highly medicated organic peanut butter and puffed rice filling. The filling is created with a full spectrum of organically grown hybrid cannabis strains. Each truffle costs $9 and contains 175 MG THC. This is a lot of medicine in one bite, so please eat responsibly!

Browse our entire selection of edibles here.

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