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Guest blog by Native Seed

Concentrates are simply cannabis in a concentrated form, and far more potent than smoking just flowers.

Much higher in THC, it can be very beneficial for patients who suffer from different ailments such as chronic pain or insomnia. There are various forms of concentrates and each of those concentrates vary in their extraction process. Cannabis can be extracted in many ways including (but not limited to): tumbling the plant and creating kief, using ice and water to agitate the plant to create bubble hash, using butane or CO2, and other ways.

My preferred concentrate to consume is Rosin. It is a solvent-less method of extracting cannabis flowers (or bubble hash) using only pressure and heat. No chemicals needed.

We use the Sasquatch Rosin Press for ultimate results and yields. The effects are clean, full of preserved terpenes, and other medicinal compounds, plus it is very high in THC. You can mix Rosin with flowers in a joint (pictured), or by using a water pipe, quartz banger, and quartz carb cap. I prefer quartz for a cleaner taste.

Ask your bud tender or caregiver how your cannabis was extracted and if it was lab tested to make sure it is free of solvents, pesticides, or other harmful contaminants. Pesticides are very harmful and should be avoided. Some of the extraction methods I mentioned above include harsh solvents and may contain harmful chemicals if not all solvents are purged correctly.

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Native Seed is on a mission to provide safe + effective healing medical cannabis products and to educate patients on yoga, alternative healing, and the benefits of medicinal cannabis. Native Seed is a wife and husband founded nonprofit focused on wellness, healthy infused edibles, concentrates + boutique flowers. Proudly made in Oakland, California, Native Seed creates artisan products made with the highest quality ingredients for your mind and body. Learn more about this SAVA provider.


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