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foodThis guest post was written by Liz of Moonman’s Mistress. She is teaching a SAVA Salon on microdosing and healthy eating on April 11th in SF – details here. 

Today’s world is inundated with fad diets and quick solution weight loss plans promising the benefits of “health”. However, since we’re human, we’re drawn towards the path of least resistance and instant gratification. It’s important to know that CLEAN EATING IS A LIFESTYLE CHOICE. Plain and simple, it’s not a diet. Diets come and go, just like the pounds you shed and put back on. If you commit to your health and make your eating choices a lifestyle vs. a diet, you can succeed in reaching and sustaining your health goals.



So, how do you follow a clean eating lifestyle?


Look at food as fuel and medicine for your body. Eat whole, unrefined foods and stay away from anything processed. What you put in your body should give you energy to perform well and nutrients to recover and heal. The same rules apply when consuming cannabis-infused edibles, so choose them wisely!

Today’s marketing does a great job on misinforming you how to eat healthy. Whether consuming food as fuel or edibles as medicine, be very mindful of the following “HEALTHY” buzz words:

GLUTEN-FREE doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. Simply, it means the product is void of gluten. Ultimately, this is beneficial for those who have gluten intolerances. Note that many gluten-free items can have twice as many calories than their counterpart.

LOW FAT & FAT-FREE items are full of empty calories, which leave you hungry. People tend to consume 50% more calories when using these low fat/fat-free products vs the regular versions. Remember, our bodies need fat to feel satiated, so choose healthy fats like nuts, nut butters, olive oil, wild salmon, avocados, and flaxseed.

SUGAR-FREE doesn’t mean a product is healthier or has less calories. These items are also usually sweetened with sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners and are often found in highly processed foods.

VEGAN simply means the product was made without animal by products. No meat. No dairy. This doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you, especially since there are quite a few vegan products that are processed. Bottom line, read the label before making your purchase!

ORGANIC means the item has at least 95% organic ingredients. The ingredients aren’t genetically modified, have no hormones, antibiotics or additives. Processed foods labeled organic are still processed. If you want to stick to the healthy spectrum of organic, focus your attention on items like eggs, fruits, and vegetables.

Ultimately, clean eating is about finding the right balance and making smart choices when it comes to what you put in your body.


Care about your body and stick to a lifestyle focusing on eating whole, unrefined foods!


co-founder-lizLiz  and Jamel, founders of MoonMan’s Mistress edibles, live a paleo-centric, “clean-eating” lifestyle. Empowering their clients through proper nutrition, fitness and education, they decided to take their health mission one step further to include the medicinal benefits of Cannabis. All of their ingredients are intelligently chosen, locally sourced and quality tested to the strictest standards. Their core foundations are based on healing, performance, recovery and education. Most importantly, every ingredient used benefits the body to the moon and back.


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