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Stephany, Founder of Flour Child, has always been in love with food. From a young age she started cooking and reading about food and always knew she wanted a career working with food. Growing up in the Bay Area she was also surrounded by cannabis culture.

When she became old enough to visit dispensaries, she was disappointed with the lack of creativity and professionalism in edibles and topicals. From the packaging to the dosing, she knew things could be better.

Passionate about raising the bar in the industry, she went to NYU where she pieced together her own major mixing food business, food marketing, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship, all with the idea of returning to California to start an edibles business. While in New York, she worked in professional kitchens as a pastry chef and in her spare time started formulating the recipes for her products.

She landed back in San Francisco after college and while making plans to launch Flour Child worked at Bi-Rite where she met an extensive network of farmers and food industry professionals. Many of these friends helped her launch the business, which she calls a “collaborative effort.”

Flour Child offers a CBD-rich balm and THC-rich jam and granola.

Everything is packaged in reusable jars – glass with metal lids – both to meet her goal of being environmentally responsible and because this packaging preserve the freshness of the products. The ingredients are organic, locally sourced, and sourced directly from farms when possible.

“I wanted to use ingredients that would heal your body,” says Stephany. “Healthy people shouldn’t eat brownies everyday, let alone sick people. I wanted to make edibles out of whole foods and without refined sugars.”

Flour Child edibles are in easy to measure doses, are shelf-stable, and won’t get moldy or go bad on the dispensary shelf or in your pantry.

The edibles are designed to be easy to mix into a variety of meals so patients consuming THC regularly can have variation. Here are a few of Stephany’s favorite things to do with her edibles –

Flour Child Jam

  • Add to vinaigrette dressing
  • Add to a smoothie
  • Make fancy toast – maybe with cheese or nut butter
  • Add to a cheese plate
  • Make a grilled cheese, mix with a tiny bit of mustard
  • Make pastries or pie
  • Add to ice cream

Flour Child Granola

  • Have with yogurt or milk
  • Sprinkle on baked apples
  • Make a crisp
  • Bring a jar to events or on the go for discrete medication

Flour Child Balm is made with a 3:1 CBD full plant cannabis extract sourced through SPARC from a farmer up north. Because it is CBD-rich, it is great for inflammation – joint pain, bruising, nerve pain, muscle pain. It also works well for healing burns, sunburns, and other skin conditions such as eczema.

Currently Stephany and her partner are looking for a space to build a kitchen. Once that is settled, they’ll expand the product line to include more products that can easily be incorporated into cooking – condiments such as mustard, ketchup, BBQ sauces and other items in the pantry.

Flour Child’s mission is “cultivating community through cannabis.” The vision for the new kitchen also includes a teaching area where Stephany can hold cannabis cooking classes and host cannabis and food events that bring people together over their shared love of cannabis and food.

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