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Copy of Co-founders (Michael and Diego) with farmers (Casey _ Amber)Flow Kana is the first sustainable, sun-grown cannabis brand that supports the small farmer ecosystem. They partner with premier craft farmers in the Emerald Triangle who focus on small-batch boutique strains.

Sava now carries seven strains of Flow Kana Flower in our marketplace!

Cannabis, the California Way

Flow Kana’s farmers are located in and around the Emerald Triangle. All of their medicine is grown with love under the California sun with only the best organic inputs and sustainable practices. Along with connoisseur grade medicinal cannabis, many of their farmers also grow a mix of vegetables, flowers and herbs.

We sat down with Flow Kana to find out more about their vision, their farmers, and their flower.

What was the inspiration behind Flow Kana?

Michael Steinmetz, our CEO, moved to the U.S. from his home country of Venezuela a little over three years ago to find his place in the cannabis industry. After visiting the Emerald Triangle and meeting some of the awesome farmers we continue to work with today, Michael came to the conclusion that he wanted to build a brand (and an industry) that focuses on giving a voice to small, craft farmers that grow the best boutique, sungrown, organic cannabis around. After all, these are the people that built the industry that we all enjoy today.

Copy of Farm (Nikki _ Swami)In February 2015, Michael launched Flow Kana with his three co-founders. The go-to-market strategy was an on-demand, direct-to-consumer model that allowed patients in SF, Oakland and Berkeley to purchase sungrown, organic flowers and solventless concentrates of the highest quality through the company’s proprietary mobile app.

What has happened on the journey since?  

Flow Kana’s go-to-market strategy was successful. It enabled us to get our product in patients’ hands and helped us build a name for ourselves. However, our goal has always been to share our farmers’ medicine with as many patients as possible through partnerships with awesome providers and operators like Sava. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Andrea and her team. They take pride in working with small, craft artisans to provide the best, handcrafted medical cannabis products available.

How important is quality to Flow Kana? How does this relate to appellation? 

Copy of Farm and farmer (Jude Nagel of Hope Springs)We work with small farmers because they are the backbone of the California cannabis ecosystem. They have been working the land for as many as five generations back, perfecting their craft. The unique genetics and strains these expert cultivators use are carefully chosen and developed in relation to the specific terrain and microclimate (i.e. appellations) in which they are grown. Together, we believe these one-of-a-kind pairings result in the highest quality cannabis in the world.

What do you see for the future of Flow Kana? 

Over the next year or two we plan to continue sharing our farmers’ amazing medicine with more patients throughout the Golden State. We will also spend time helping our farmers come into compliance with the recently passed regulations that will begin to be implemented in 2018.

Flow Kana’s Clean Cannabis Manifesto

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