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When HoneyBeeBuzzed founder, Ellen Markham, relocated to Humboldt County from Portland, Oregon, she missed her community and looked for a network of like-minded friends and business associates. She found what she was looking for and more last summer when she was invited to join a group of women from Humboldt and Mendocino counties on a wine region tour.

The intent of the trip was to research the parallels between the cannabis and wine industries regarding terroir, marketing, branding, and politics. The women formed deep bonds on the trip and several women from northern Humboldt County opted to continue meeting monthly to collaborate and support each other. And thus, The Humboldt Think Tank was born. The group has been working together to keep each other abreast of the rapidly changing state and local rules and regulations, inviting speakers, brainstorming and working on several different projects.

Women Cultivating Community is the latest project the group has been focusing on. Humboldt County has a wealth of women owned businesses making boutique and value added cannabis products, but a lack of manufacturing facilities. The lack of commercial kitchen space and packaging facilities make it challenging for these businesses to grow and gain distribution out of the area. Additionally, it makes it very difficult to acquire the necessary permits needed to operate as a cannabis business.

Women Cultivating Community is an effort to create a cooperative commercial kitchen space to affordably accommodate aspiring women entrepreneurs. The intention is that once the business plans are developed for this project, they can be shared with other communities needing to build a similar commercial infrastructure.

In the spirit of “coopetition” (the act of cooperation between competing companies) and thanks to the Humboldt Patient Resource Center’s generous sponsorship, several of these women owned businesses will be exhibiting together at the Emerald Cup in Sonoma County. HoneyBeeBuzzed is honored to be part of this group of women that have worked so hard to create meaningful brands and give back to the community.

HoneyBeeBuzzed offers a line of bath and body products and an infused honey made with CBD rich strains of cannabis. Ellen has twenty years of experience in the natural products industry and has always been passionate about plant-based medicine. She is a beekeeper and feels strongly about supporting sustainable farming methods that protect bees and other pollinators. She uses only natural and organic ingredients in the products she makes. The honey and beeswax used in her products have either been harvested herself from her own hives or sourced from local Humboldt County beekeepers. One of her goals is to educate and bring awareness to the plight of the honeybee.

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