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Sweet Releaf is a highly effective topical body butter. This week we ask Didi Davis, founder and CEO of Strictly Topical – the makers of Sweet Releaf – about her inspiration.

Why did  you decide to make Sweet ReLeaf?

It was really a discovery that cannabis applied to the skin would relieve pain not just on the surface, but also deep chronic pain in the muscles, tissues, and joints. A family member suffered massive spinal trauma in a car accident that led to years of surgeries and opioid prescriptions. This was challenging for us. She had heard that cannabis worked for pain, but she did not want to get high and a lot of the products on the market were sub par. Experimentation led us to the creation of a potent medicinal body butter that helps alleviate pain while also feeling luscious when applied to the skin and smelling so good, you’d hardly know there was cannabis in it!

Of course we went through a trial feedback period, sharing it with friends and family who unanimously came back saying “Wow” that really worked on my foot pain or arthritis or aching knee,” That made gave us the confidence to make it available as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals for the many Californians who need pain relief.

What makes Sweet ReLeaf unique?

Perhaps first and foremost is that Sweet ReLeaf actively and quickly decreases pain usually within minutes! There are cannabis topicals on the market today made for a variety of reasons from skin care to relaxation to soreness & discomfort. Ours was to address deep chronic pain – period.

We believe it works so well on pain because of the synergy of multiple cannabinoids present in the mix of strains we use. This synergy was identified by Israeli researchers who called it the “Entourage Effect”, meaning that the more THC, CBD, CBN, THCA, etc (there are over 100) present, the better they work together to boost their healing effects.

This effect is one of those things that apparently springs from a long history of humans interacting with this plant in such a way that our very body’s endocannabinoid system recognizes the plant’s cannabinoids and bind together at receptor sites in the skin to block pain signals to the brain, while reducing inflammation at the site to enhance healing. I call it intelligent medicine because it acts where it needs to sometimes healing additional problems at the site. For instance, one patient successfully reduced neuropathy in his feet by applying it twice daily over the course of a month and found that it also reduced his toenail fungus!


How are you adjusting for 2018?

While moving into compliance has not been easy for most companies in the industry, we have taken all the necessary steps to become compliant because we really believe this medicine needs to be available to the public at large.  We have secured a compliant manufacturing site and created new branding and packaging. We have formed distributor alliances that will help us reach many thousands of new patients in 2018, which has always been our goal: to bring the best pain relief to the most people as the best price! We’re excited about the possibilities moving into the new year!

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