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mymilligram is a new weekly newsletter featuring low-dose and high-quality cannabis products made in California, written by Marcia (rhymes with Garcia) Gagliardi. Some of you may know her from her influential tablehopper restaurant column, which she’s been writing here in San Francisco since 2006. This week she shares with us her cannabis journey and why low dose is the best dose!

After taking a long break from cannabis (it just got toooooo strong and wasn’t much fun for me anymore), a few years ago, I started exploring the newer low-dose and measurable edible products coming out, from teas to olive oil, plus quality vapes. I discovered I’m a microdoser in a heavy-hitter world, and by carefully managing my intake through well-made, low-dose products, I have found a great deal of ease, happiness, well-being, creativity, connection, spiritual insight, and plenty of giggles and fun. My exercise routine is a lot more sparkly. And yay for sleep!

After writing about the food and beverage world for the past 15 years, I’m taking everything I’ve learned about how to assess quality food and drink and applying that to cannabis. Each week in mymilligram, I’m writing about a different low-dose product I’m enjoying and how to use it in a careful and measured way.

mymilligram is all about going low and slow.

As you slowly and carefully dial in your dosage, you can gauge how you feel at various milligram levels. Great news: you can enjoy many healing properties of this magical plant at a very low dose. More is not necessarily better, and it can actually have diminishing returns at a higher level. mymilligram wants to help people discover their MED: minimum effective dose. (Not the maximum ineffective dose, which is what the cannabis world seemed to be focused on for too long.)

There are so many fellow canna-curious folks wondering how to navigate this new world, and which products to try. I hope to be your trusted guide! Some of my readers are returning to cannabis after a long break (like me), and others have never tried it at all. And then we have our moms!

Through this special relationship with Sava, I’ve curated two different mymilligram boxes (the pre-flight box and priority boarding box – see below), designed for the canna-curious to explore my favorite products and different dosage levels.

I’ve also written a special guide to accompany the boxes, outlining how I like to use the products, like taking Level Elevate Tablinguals to the movies and going on Mondo walks!

Once you get to know your number, you can make micro adjustments of your day with different products, from dialing down anxious moments to promoting more restful sleep. Life can be hard, especially in these times, so I hope to help guide people to a bit more ease and happiness. I’m posting some beginner guides on, like Advice for Trying THC for the First Time.

I’m also hosting a variety of events with cannabis education and discovery while weaving in quality food and beverage experiences (which my tablehopper events are famous for!). My first introductory event is on Wednesday May 23rd at Cambria Gallery (just $20, with food and wine!), and I’m hosting a second one June 14th. Hope to see you!

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Thanks for joining me!
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Photo Credits – boxes Marcia Gagliardi. © mymilligram. Styling: Christian Jusinski/Roju Surface Works. Props: Jay Jeffers/The Store. Photo of Marcia by @john_nieto

mymilligram curated boxes

Priority Boarding
Whether you’re new to cannabis, or just curious about all the latest (and amazing!) products available, this box helps you dial in your optimal dosage. $218

Pre-Flight Box
These low-dose products are well-made, responsibly sourced, measurable, and keep you in careful control of your consumption level. It’s all about going low and slow. $160