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Guest blog by Jessica Peters of Moxie Meds

As a longtime activist for and supporter of natural, organic foods and alternative medicines, I started Moxie Meds to create the best possible medications with the healthiest, highest quality organic ingredients. Having already spent many years in the cannabis industry, I had seen the frustrations of patients seeking better, healthier medication options. When starting Moxie Meds it was crucial to our team that our medications be both affordable and therapeutically effective while also making every attempt at reducing the company’s environmental footprint.

While I had been a cannabis patient for some time, my work in the industry began about seven years ago at Market Street Cooperative (MSC), the dispensary started by the AIDS organization ACT UP, who played a huge role in increasing access to medical cannabis in California.

Shortly after I began at MSC, flowers containing CBD started to arrive in their purchasing department. Little was known about the properties at that time, but I did find those flowers uniquely effective at reducing my anxiety and pain.

Soon patients with epilepsy and Tourette’s syndrome began to request CBD, which further sparked my interest. At the time, CBD was only being utilized for direct consumption as flowers. Although I was an integral part of a small team responsible for the much-revered MSC in-house edibles, which were both organic and vegan, the idea of using CBD flowers to create other medication delivery systems had yet come into play.

Much to the dismay of patients, staff and neighbors, MSC was closed during former U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag’s first round of landlord letters. It was not long after that I read an article by David Downs in the East Bay Express about the value of CBD for children with severe seizure disorders and felt strongly pulled to help families in need of information and access.


After the closure of MSC, I pursued employment at Harborside Health Center in Oakland, known for their proactive stance for pediatric CBD needs. I learned from an educated team in one of the best and most visited facilities in the field and spent many off hours delving into the peer-reviewed research available from both within and outside the U.S. As my knowledge and experience with patients advanced, I became the CBD Specialist for Harborside with a focus on pediatric seizure and epilepsy issues, as well as autism spectrum needs. Additionally I saw a great deal of adult patients, from young to elderly, with a range of ailments spanning cancer, chronic pain, reproductive diseases, arthritis, migraines, PTSD/depression/anxiety and other mental health needs.


I gained a great deal of on the ground experience just at the right moment as CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta came out of the green closet and people across the nation began to learn that cannabis contains more than just psychoactive THC. At the same time as I was learning with patients, my advocacy gained traction because CBD was addressing not only my anxiety but also the debilitating effects of my reproductive disease, endometriosis. For most of my life, my period has been a BIG problem.

At first it was centered around missing school because of cramps and pain, then missing work became an additional concern until the wild emotional/hormonal swings could no longer be explained away due to age. By my early 20s, I began being hospitalized due to severe cramping and vomiting, mostly at the height of my cycle. It took a long while, as it often does, and many expensive useless tests and incorrect diagnoses, before it became clear that I have endometriosis.


Even after the battle to finally receive an accurate diagnosis, not much had changed for the better. Although I was still quite young, a partial or full hysterectomy was offered as a solution, as were hormones. My doctors prescribed many types of strong pharmaceuticals, most of which created side effects that were nearly as hard to live with as my diagnosis. As a believer in trying to address medical problems from a preventative, natural and more holistic approach, rather than jumping right into pharmaceutical and surgical options, I have been searching ever since for better solutions.

From a strong desire to find better options for myself and other patients, I began experimenting with CBD for my endometriosis symptoms. Cannabis medications have dramatically improved, along with our understanding of how CBD works. My endometriosis hospitalizations have dwindled to none and my cycle is radically improved. My cramping and pain levels now resemble those of women whom I was jealous of when I was younger, still with some discomfort but nothing I can’t manage.


When looking at the cannabis market space, it seemed to me that women were being undeserved. As a patient with endometriosis who’d found great success using organic, CBD-rich, full plant extract oils, I knew there were other women like me who may gain benefit from CBD, but who may not consider themselves cannabis patients. I sought to create a line of medications that would work effectively for women’s specific health issues while drawing in a new community of patients in need. From formulation to design, I’ve been focused on creating a line of medicines that welcome female patients to cannabis as an alternative path to wellness.

Since Moxie Meds tinctures have been available to medical cannabis patients in California, success stories and patient testimonials have been flowing in! Patients report that Relief 1:1 and Recovery 4:1 have assisted them with traditional menstrual and menopausal needs as well as reproductive ailments like endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, PCOS, PMDD, and more. Female and male patients alike, humans with all types of medical needs, have found benefit in Moxie Meds formulations and have turned to her medications for support in living healthier happier lives!

Jessica Peters is the founder of SAVA provider Moxie Meds. Read more about the company here. 

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