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Founding Story: How did Bloom Farms start?  What was the inspiration?

The idea for Bloom Farms came from the recognition of a gap in the marketplace by BF Founder, Michael Ray. Michael felt as though consumers like him just weren’t being served by the cannabis industry from a brand, marketing, and quality standpoint.  Since Michael isn’t really into traditional smoking for health reasons, and doesn’t enjoy the experience of ultra-potent, high THC products. There wasn’t a vapor cartridge tailored to him so he decided to make one.

Michael also wanted to build something more than a business. He wanted to help guide a movement of cannabis and social responsibility. Bloom Farms is more than just products; It’s a cannabis company on a mission to end hunger in California and to legitimize the cannabis industry.

What has happened on the journey since? Any surprising insights?

Consumers these days take pride in the products that they enjoy and the companies that make those products. When a medical patient walks into a dispensary, they want to know that their money is going toward something greater. Ultra high potency is a niche that we aren’t specifically focused on. Bloom Farms patients appreciate that we are tailoring to their needs instead of trying to set records for potency.

Increasing amounts of people love vape pens, but still feel in the dark about what they’re smoking. By what process does flower turn into what is in the pens?

We are very transparent when it comes to our oil and the process it goes through. We start with growing our own flower or sourcing locally organic grown cannabis in here in California. Before the cannabis enters our system it is tested for things like mold and pesticides. The cannabis is then processed in a state of the art supercritical CO2 extraction system. From there the raw oils are refined to remove any lipids, waxes, or other impurities. This refined oil is gently mixed with a touch of pharmaceutical grade PEG 400 which helps to lower the vaporization temperature and provide a safe and consistent experience that our patients love. The final product is tested one last time before it is packed by hand and delivered to our fulfillment facility.

What is the difference between a high quality extract and a not so high quality?

There is a lot of personal preference when it comes to oil, but simply put: you get out what you put in, which is why we only use the freshest material grown from local family farmers who care about sustainability and the land. There is no substitution for hard work, and our partners work hard to grow an amazing product for us to use in our oil.

How important is quality to BF?  

Quality is of the utmost importance to Bloom Farms which is why we stand behind using California-grown cannabis product that is meticulously lab-tested and pesticide-free.  The extracted cannabis oil inside our Highlighter gets an equal if not greater amount of attention, ensuring 100 percent satisfaction. This allows patients to better enjoy their lives and focus on the things that matter most, being healthy and having a little higher quality of life.

What are the future plans?

Rolling out new community food bank partners is one thing we are all looking forward to. For products we have some pretty awesome plans for the fall but can’t officially announce anything quite yet. It is something no one else has. If you want to be the first to know what’s happening with Bloom Farms, get on our mailing list and follow our blog. You can do that here.

How important is it to BF to give back to those in need?

Giving is the foundation Bloom Farms is built on and our number one company core value. We all make it our mission to give something back as much as possible. It’s up to us to create positive change in our communities and it just feels like the right thing to do. For Bloom Farms that means setting the bar high with our own version of the one-for-one model. For every product purchased Bloom Farms donates a healthy meal to the SF Marin Food Bank which goes directly to a food-insecure family or individual in need.

Anything else?

We’re at a very interesting point in the development of the cannabis industry. For that reason it’s never been more important to join together behind a common model that weaves philanthropy into the mission of our businesses.

This goes beyond our customers. This is about putting the so-called green rush behind us and making sure that laws are being passed in the right way. We must act responsibly to educate voters. We are about community, job creation, and operating in a safe and sustainable way.

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