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The Green Cacao Company makes raw cacao edibles that are delicious and effective. We sat down with the company’s founders to find out the how and the why behind their delicious cannabis superfoods. 

What inspired you to start The Green Cacao Company?

I started making these edibles because, at the time, there were no edibles in the dispensaries that I, and many friends and family members, could (or would) consume. There were plenty of edible options made with non-organically grown ingredients that included wheat, dairy, sugar or corn-syrup, preservatives and other ‘non-wellness oriented’ substances. Yet, there were no edibles that included all of these elements in one: LowGI (no cane, agave, honey, coconut sugar, etc.), gluten-free, dairy-free, organically grown ingredients and CBD-Rich.

So, I created something that both myself, and quite a few people I knew, were looking for.

I’m all for choice: if patients want a sugary treat, they should have one. But, equally so, healthful options should be available. If edible options are restricted to ‘cheap and cheerful’ products, that is an unfortunate disservice to patients.

How are your edibles made?

Our edibles are hand-crafted, in small artisanal batches.

Perhaps the biggest part of what makes them unique are the ingredients we source. Our recipes are created using premium raw botanical superfood ingredients: every ingredient in our recipes offers physiological benefits.  It’s all ‘plant medicine’, not just the cannabis. As a result, the whole of each product we make is greater than the sum of the individual ingredient parts.  And, a little truly goes a very long way. Based on patients’ feedback, the synergy of combined ingredients used in TGCC edibles seems to foster a unique entourage effect of its own.

It’s perhaps worth noting that the term ‘raw’ refers to unheated or ‘uncooked’ ingredients. When an ingredient or a food is heated (cooked), its nutrient profile is depleted.  For example, if you eat your kale raw (uncooked), you’ll keep the enzymes and the rest of the complete nutrient profile intact. If you cook your kale, you may get different flavors and such, but it’s no longer the same substance. Therefore, foods or ingredients that are not exposed to high temperatures are more nutrient dense. We source our raw superfood ingredients from producers who ensure the food material has not been exposed to temperatures above 118 degrees Fahrenheit.  It’s a very slow, hand crafted, process.

Our first choice when sourcing ingredients is always to go for organically grown or GMO free. We do this because we believe that by supporting organically grown foods, we support not just our own personal health, but we are endorsing practices that protect clean air, clean water and soil, and also support the health of farmworkers. As for our cannabis sources, we use C02 extractions that are created from outdoor-grown cannabis that is grown according to organic farming methods.  Because the cannabis molecules work synergistically with each other, our extractions contain whole plant cannabis compounds, including the terpenes.

Additionally, each ingredient we select is very LowGI (no higher than 35). LowGI refers to ‘Low Glycemic Index’, thus safe for diabetics and a great choice for people who wish to avoid the harmful physiological effects that High GI foods create, such as inflammation.

Due to our belief that businesses have a responsibility to engage in sustainable methods and practices, our packaging is produced at a wind powered facility, using sustainably sourced paper material, vegetable based inks, and instead of plastic, our products are sealed in compostable cellulose.

What do you recommend your products be used for?

“Cannabis compounds have biphasic properties, which means that low and high doses, of the same substance, can produce opposite effects. Small doses of cannabis tend to stimulate; large doses sedate. Too much THC, while not lethal, can amplify anxiety and mood disorders. CBD has no known adverse side effects at any dose, but drug interactions can be problematic. An excessive amount of CBD could be less effective therapeutically than a moderate dose. ‘Less is more’ is often the case with respect to cannabis therapy.” – Project CBD


Selecting which strain of cannabis, or which type of edible, works best for an individual is a hugely personal process and the effects that one individual has from our SATIVA bar may be the complete opposite effects that another person has from that same bar. That said, there are a number of things we can reflect on, and also share some anecdotal patient feedback.

TGCC INDICA – very helpful with insomnia for most, however for some patients it’s what helps them ‘get up and go’ into social situations

TGCC CBD RICH & XTRA RICH – extensive feedback from patients, whether dealing with various forms of physical pain found relief with these products.

A note about trying new products and dosing – 

When consuming any cannabis edible for the first time, begin with less than half the suggested dosage or serving size as a rule of thumb.

The effects of consuming cannabis will be influenced by your own recent dietary habits, medications, sleep patterns, hormonal cycles, etc. Always start with ‘less’, and allow at least an hour for the edible to metabolize in your system, before consuming an additional dose.  Keep a journal with what type of edible you consumed, how much, and how you felt so you can adjust your experience next time with more detail.

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