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Perusing the labels of many over the counter pharmaceuticals yields a laundry list of “common” side effects more harrowing than the ailments they purport to treat – bleeding, skin rash, liver failure.

No wonder many consumers, especially women, are searching for safe, natural, alternative remedies that can be used on a daily basis.

From PMS to insomnia, stress management to skin care, SAVA founder Andrea will be joining Green Flower Media in a live-stream class to introduce a wide array of cannabis products that provide worry-free, effective relief for a host of women’s health issues.

Afterwards, you’ll be able to find her class streaming 24/7 on Green Flower INSIDER.

There’s so much you can learn about cannabis!

Most people associate cannabis as being a plant that you simply smoke or vape for whatever reason – and maybe the occasional edible. However, the vast range of new products we are seeing on the legal market today provide a safe, natural alternative treatment for a surprisingly wide spectrum of women’s ailments, health needs, and even beauty regimen.

In this new online class, Andrea will show you how to navigate all the different cannabis products out there, what you can replace in your medicine cabinet, and how to get the most benefits.

Essentially, you’ll learn how to utilize this ancient medicinal herb as a true tool for health, wellness, and beauty.


FUN FACT: Did you know that applying the right kind of CBD product to your face and skin can help you reduce inflammation and slow signs of aging?


Or how about cannabis bath salts for muscle soreness, or cannabis-infused balms for bruises and skin irritations? This barely scratches the surface. Andrea will show how you can make use of everything from topicals, tinctures, CBD products, and more.


In this new online class, Andrea will empower you and inform you as a cannabis consumer, covering points like:

  • How cannabis products can be used for things like headaches, muscle and joint pain, insomnia, PMS, on a regular basis, safely and without the side effects of pharmaceutical aids.
  • How to integrate a wide range of today’s most effective cannabis products into a woman’s daily health and beauty regimen.
  • Learn what products to stock in your medicine cabinet to treat basic everyday ailments like skin care, pain management and first aid issues.
  • And much more!

If you would like to learn how to get the most possible benefit from cannabis products with the least amount of side effects, definitely check out Andrea’s new online class: Women’s Health and Cannabis: What to Re-Think and Replace in Your Medicine Cabinet.

You can RSVP now to watch the free live-stream debut on March 28. Afterwards, you’ll be able to find her class streaming 24/7 on Green Flower INSIDER.