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How did Treat Yourself Start?  What was the inspiration?

In 2014 we eagerly broke into the cannabis industry with nutritious edibles. Eating the plant is a powerful and convenient way for many people to receive its medicinal benefits, but most edibles we found were loaded with processed and synthetic ingredients. We wanted the healing of this amazing plant without the toxins. Healthy ingredients can be delicious, why not use them? And, as every cannabis patient realizes, each one of us must experiment to determine the dosage that is best for our individual needs. That’s something fundamental to how this medicine works; it’s personal.

Using cannabis, we each become our own healer. With that in mind, we wanted to encourage people to be more involved in managing their own health. As powerful as cannabis can be for helping people overcome ailments, it becomes all the more powerful when patients are empowered to do MORE for themselves. Eat, sleep, move, play, live, and work in ways that are lighter, happier, and more natural. If we have lifestyles of processed food or other toxic habits, it doesn’t matter how much CBD we consume, we’re not really treating ourselves, and we’ll never truly heal ourselves. Our goal is to help you treat yourself. As such, the name Treat Yourself was born.

How important is quality of ingredients and wellness to TY?

We make hand-crafted, gourmet edibles that are seriously a treat. We are also very aware that cannabis is powerful medicine.  In our interpretation, “treat” isn’t the kind of treat that makes your dog’s ears perk up. Here, “treat” means to care for and to heal. For too long we’ve relied on a healthcare system that is supposed to treat us, but too often makes us dependent on pills that treat our symptoms, rather than treating our disease. We want to encourage everyone to take more personal responsibility for their own health. We haven’t abandoned Western medicine, but we do not blindly follow it. We strive to find ways to educate and empower cannabis patients about the many ways they can improve their health and quality of life with tools such as cannabis, diet, and lifestyle.

Our edibles are gluten-free, refined-sugar free, and made with real, organic ingredients. We think our edibles serve as an educational tool to demonstrate that healthy foods can also be tasty. Changing someone’s diet is one of the hardest things to do, yet it may have the greatest impact on their health. Many patients choose our products because of the taste, which is fine by us. Not everyone reads ingredients, we know. But when patients say they love our edibles even though healthy eating is not a priority, we know we’ve slipped chia seeds into their diet and we feel good about that.

It seems that education is very important to Treat Yourself.  How do you help spread information?

Stop by our Instagram @treatyourselfinc and you’ll notice we share a variety of posts, from tips on kicking sugar addictions, to motivation to get you outdoors. As women in the cannabis industry, we tend toward conversations with the female cannabis community. We talk about how great cannabis is for women, for everything from PMS relief to pre-workout inspiration. We love sharing images and information that empower women to feel good about this wonderful plant. Too many women still feel the need to hide their cannabis use, and we love being a part of the

growing awareness helping to shift that. Social media is great because it allows us to connect the health-conscious community with the cannabis community, which to us are one in the same.

What’s next for the company?

ReTreat Yourself! By now you may have sensed how passionate we are about promoting a lifestyle of health and wellness. As great as social media is at sharing our message, there’s nothing like face-to- face interaction with patients to have an impact. We can tell someone to have a green smoothie for breakfast but there’s nothing like actually making it for them in person. So, we are now developing a cannabis-inspired retreat center where patients

will be able to stay for wellness retreats. Services will include yoga, guided meditation, massage, and of course, delicious and healthy meal plans. Each retreat will cater to different levels of cannabis enthusiasts. Some retreats will focus on new users, allowing us the opportunity to offer guidance on different ways to medicate, as well as tools for discovering optimal dosing. We want to create a safe, encouraging environment where women can inquire and learn without feeling criticized or judged. We will also offer retreats for more experienced users to explore and go deeper into their cannabis wisdom. Through a variety of services and themes, we will help patients discover the optimal benefits of cannabis as a part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We are working hard to make this a reality. Stay tuned!

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