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by Brandy Petricka | Have you ever wondered why, when you smell certain things they transport you to a memory or a feeling? Some pleasant, some not-so pleasant. For instance, whenever I smell lavender I pause, I can feel myself calm and relax. This smell has become my go-to whenever I am anxious. Anyone familiar with aromatherapy knows about these benefits from Lavender. There are key components in that plant that actually communicate in nature, sharing its resources and opening the receptors for experiences to attach themselves. Those components are called Terpenoids.

Terpenoids are a large aromatic group of organic compounds found in nature that are often called “terps” or terpenes. If you’ve ever smelled a conifer tree in the forest, that is one example of a vibrant scent from terpenes. Terpenes gift plants, including cannabis plants, their particular aroma and flavor. That can be pine driven, or more floral, citrusy, earthy, musky, spicy or with notes of clove. Terpenes are often aromatics that protect the plant from parasites, predators and herbivores. The word terpene comes from the fuller word “turpentine” and reflects the way terpenes are in resin. Exploring the pleasant various ways terpenes affect the mouth and nose gets added excitement since terpenes also deliver a wonderful bounty of therapeutic benefits, too.

Over two hundred different terpenes have been identified in a cannabis plant’s trichomes (on the epidermis of the plant’s leaves & flowers) right alongside cannabinoids such as THC, CBD and CBG. Dr. Ethan Russo is a physician and researcher who found that terpenes play an important role in what he calls cannabis’s Entourage Effect. Dr. Russo’s 2011 British Journal of Pharmacology paper explains the notion that compounds wholly unique to the cannabis plant work best with the various terpenes. These terpenes possess medicinal benefits and the non-psychoactive compounds can safely treat an array of medical conditions: pain and inflammation (Alpha Bisabolol & Myrcene), insomnia (Borneol) with proven aid for mild skin irritations of the itchy and scratchy sort (Borneol), while anxiety and depression are softly soothed via terpenes like Caryophyllene. The Alchemy vaporizer pen by Dark Heart was created to enhance the cannabis terpenes and introduce the many terpenes in nature that are known to have therapeutic benefits.

Four aromatic cannabis oil & botanical blends to Inspire, Relax, Explore and Awaken your senses. Alchemy draws inspiration from aromatherapy, herbalism and the culinary arts. Each of Alchemy’s four experiences–Awaken, Relax, Inspire, and Explore– have been carefully crafted to provide you with four unique aromatic blends for overall wellness. Whether you’re looking to invigorate the senses or take a deep inhale for relaxation, we use only the finest botanical blends with tested and cleanly extracted cannabis oil, for a consistent experience every time.

The Relax blend: Lavender, chamomile, and indica helps to relieve stress. This blend includes a terpene called beta-Caryophyllene which is know to help fight cancer, reduce anxiety and depression. The indica variety enhances the relaxation and calm. Not to mention the aroma of Lavender can help slow nervous system activity to help with anxiety, insomnia, stress and depression; chamomile is a known sleep aid.

The Awaken blend: Citrus, mint, and sativa invigorates the senses. The bright scent from freshly squeezed OJ comes from the terpene Limonene, which also is present in lemon, lime, orange, tangerine and grapefruit. Citrus oil delivers a high concentration of terpenes and is a main component of this blend; Limonene helps with stress, anxiety, digestion, cognitive performance and mood with mint acting as a stimulant and pick- me-up.

The Explore blend: Jasmine, rose, and hybrid variety of cannabis promote confidence and curiosity. This blend includes a terpene called Linalool bringing the smell of spring blossoms, with noted stress and anxiety relief. Jasmine has an uplifting effect and provides an energy boost, while rose can improve self-esteem and mental strength.

The Inspire blend: Orange, vanilla, chai, and hybrid variety of cannabis promotes creativity and imagination. This blend also includes a terpene called beta-Myrcene, which is known to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Citrus can refresh the senses and has anti-depressant properties, while vanilla also helps arouse the senses.

While ongoing research continues to reveal many positive effects and general health uses from terpenes one thing is clear: nature has given us much to be excited about in this area.

Additional Contributions for Article from Mary Ladd and Brian Donato