Sava Launches Campaign Encouraging You to “Rethink Cannabis”

We want to help you find your perfect cannabis product 

How many times have you heard some version of the following story: “I smoked in college, but then it started to make me paranoid so I stopped.” or “I ate a brownie once and I was way too high for way too long. I don’t like weed.” 

Maybe this is your story.  

We're a Bay Area-based delivery service that has set out to change the conversation around cannabis and want you to know that the new world of cannabis products offers a range of experiences - probably including one you’ll love. 

Our range of low-dose, CBD, and nonpsychoactive products will help with athletic recovery, sleep, relaxation, anxiety, pain, and more, and will leave you rethinking the role cannabis can play in your life. 

Our new Rethink Cannabis campaign launches in the Bay Area in September and includes beautiful portraits of the plant appearing in new and unexpected ways. 

In addition to the convenience of delivery, We provide support and education to guide you in using cannabis and CBD for wellness and pleasure.

Shop now to see our range of products.

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