CANN cannabis infused social tonic beverage choices line up

But what if we spiked seltzer with weed?

Guest post by Cann.

We created Cann to make cannabis a more social experience - something that you could enjoy in the same way and occasions as alcohol, and share with people across the range of familiarity and comfort with cannabis. 

We identified with the 21 to 25 adults who said they wished they drank less alcohol. But we also recognized that whenever we did opt for a sparkling water when out with friends, we didn’t really feel the same type and level of connections. We wanted to have our cake and eat it too - drink less alcohol, yet still quench that seemingly innate desire to get a little buzzed with friends.


We, like many other people, started to look to cannabis as a healthier alternative to alcohol to enjoy while socializing. While we loved the effect we got from the right strain of cannabis, we felt like we were often fitting a square peg into a round hole when we consumed it when we were out socializing with friends.

Vapes and joints often resulted in us getting relegated to taking our hits alone outside, and often felt like I alienated myself from friends who weren’t as comfortable or familiar with cannabis. Edibles and tinctures delivered on discreteness, but always came with the (not so) fun guessing game as to when (and how much) they’d hit. Then there’s always the time we thought we’d needed more, but it just hadn’t set in yet...

All of them had another problem, which was cannabis would get us high all at once (or very quickly) versus when we drank we got a nice journey to getting drunk. This virtually guaranteed we were never “at the same level” as everyone else. We also realized this journey was typically the best part about drinking, and we really missed having that experience with cannabis.


So we created Cann to enable people to enjoy cannabis more or less as a direct replacement for alcohol - something that let you progressively build your “buzz” at the same pace as alcohol (~10-15 minute onset time) and experience a similar well-rounded and balanced social high thanks to the 2:1 ratio of CBD:THC (the CBD counteracts the heady, antisocial high you often get from THC-dominant products). 

By crafting Cann this way, we’re arguably the most shareable cannabis product, appealing to people across the spectrum of comfort with cannabis - from our moms who never consumed cannabis before but now replace their nightly wine with 2 Canns, to our more seasoned siblings who love pairing Cann with their joint to help round out their high and quench their dry mouth. 


But we didn’t just want to make something functional, we also wanted to make something that tasted so good it could win a beverage industry award (which it did!). So we focused on crafting unique flavors and relentlessly sourcing the best ingredients to bring them to life.

Each of our three flavors - Lemon Lavender, Blood Orange Cardamom & Grapefruit Rosemary - features a citrus paired with an herb, and five, simple, all-natural ingredients (carbonated water, fresh fruit juice, herb extract, flavorless THC & CBD isolate and a touch of agave).