Shake Up a Sultry Sava-licious Peach Smash Cannabis Drink by MAISON BLOOM

Looking for a fruity, sweet, and spicy sip that's as irresistible as a sultry summer night? Look no further than our smash cannabis drink! This spring and summer staple is like the ultimate summer fling—no strings attached, all pleasure, and endlessly satisfying.

While the ingredients are flexible, we think there's nothing sexier than working with juicy peaches and other luscious stone fruits. Just muddle them up with some sugar or simple syrup, mix it all together, and serve over ice with something fizzy—like our MAISON BLOOM Pêche + Wild Honeysuckle Elevated Seltzer. It's the perfect marriage of flavors and one of the best THC drinks we've tried.

To make it even more delicious, grab your shaker with a strainer and muddler, and get ready to get your hands dirty. And if you like things a little sweeter, whip up some simple syrup—it's as easy to make as it is to get down and dirty. You can even cheat and use a store-bought option—no judgment here, baby!

And when it's time to serve up the Sava-licious Peach Smash, make it as ice-cold as your ex's heart. Fill up that glass with ice, pour, and get ready to put your feet up and enjoy. It's the perfect THC-infused drink for a hot summer night—no commitments, just pure pleasure.



  • ½ to 1 ounce white or brown sugar simple syrup (see note above)
  • ½ large peach, diced (about ½ cup)
  • 3-4 large mint leaves
  • 5.5 ounces MAISON BLOOM Pêche + Wild Honeysuckle Elevated Seltzer (recommended chilled)
  • Ice to your choice level (and that of your glassware)
  • Fresh mint and peach slices, for garnish



  1. Add peaches, mint leaves, and simple syrup to the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Gently muddle to release the peach juices and mint oils. (Over-muddling the mint will cause it to become bitter.)
  2. Fill the shaker with ice, and shake until well-chilled. Strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice.
  3. Pour MAISON BLOOM Pêche + Wild Honeysuckle Elevated Seltzer and lightly stir.
  4. Garnish with fresh mint sprigs and a peach slice.



One 11 oz bottle of Pêche + Wild Honeysuckle Elevated Seltzer contains 3mg THC and 7mg CBD, plus 3mg of a proprietary blend of terpenes. 

One serving of Sava-licious Peach Smash with 5.5 oz of seltzer contains approximately 1.5mg THC and 3.5mg CBD. 

The Pêche + Wild Honeysuckle Elevated Seltzer is made with Pink Jesus, a popular uplifting sativa from Sonoma Hills Farm.


Perfect Pairing

  • Fan Favorite: Sonoma Hills Farm Pink Jesus is a robust sativa that delivers a beautiful cerebral elevated effect. Aromatics intensified by the rich levels of B-Caryophyllene, this unique strain delivers notes of lavender and ripe, sweet, juicy fruits that brightens the fresh fruit notes of the peach alongside the muddled mint to deliver a surprising complimentary fruit forward experience.
  • Runner Up: Sonoma Hills Farm Blueberry Cupcake plays with your senses. A juicy and sweet set of aromatics that lean heavily into blueberry fortified with strong terpenes enhanced notes of Cake Batter and Jet Fuel that jack up the herbal aspects. Working with the ingredients of the Sava-licious Peach Smash Cannabis Drink, this farm-favorite strain delivers an unique combination of semi-sweet fruitiness balanced with a signature herbaceous punch.


Photo credit: Kelly Puleio Photography for MAISON BLOOM