How to Pair Cannabis Tinctures With Your Juice Cleanse

Spring time is a great time to cleanse what you’ve built up over the winter. But doing a cleanse can feel challenging. That’s why we’ve collaborated with Can Can Cleanse to pair cannabis tinctures with their juices. Adding cannabis into your cleanse routine will help soothe nerves, reduce inflammation, and assist you in getting the restorative sleep your body needs to reset.

Pairing plant medicine with nutrient-dense juices will boost your spring cleanse and leave you feeling clear, calm, and connected!

Rosette Wellness – THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA – non-psychoactive blend

Your endocannabinoid system regulates homeostasis in the body. This well-rounded tincture can be used for daily microdosing to promote balance in the ECS, reduce inflammation in the body, and promote a general sense of wellbeing. The recommended dose is 2.5mg 2x a day, and at that level there is no psychoactivity.  

CAN CAN Cleanse Pairing: Green Juice (cucumber, celery, romaine, kale, parsley, fennel, apple, lemon, ginger). Enhancing your morning & afternoon green juices (and your day!) with more green plant goodness. 1st Green Juice: 9am; 2nd Green Juice: 5pm.

By adding a 1/4 dropper to each juice, you'll elevate the high-vibe benefits of fresh juice and help balance your body throughout the day without the psychoactive side effects.

The Farmaceuticals Co. Do Drops – THC/Sativa

This THC tincture is best for promoting creativity and feelings of euphoria during the day, or for unwinding after a long day. Instead of a glass of wine, try a small dose of 1-3 mg to relax, unwind, and free your mind! This is a psychoactive product, and can be taken in a small dose to start.

CAN CAN Cleanse Pairing: Cardamom Almond Milk (almonds, dates, cardamom, filtered water). Experience almond bliss! We suggest this THC tincture to ignite your creative spirit as you transition from day to night and finally sit down to enjoy your plant-powered beverage. Cardamom Almond Milk: 7pm.

The tincture blends effortlessly into the smooth, creamy consistency of the almond milk. Sip, relac, and smile. You've almost made it through another day of your cleanse!

Om Edibles Nighttime Tincture – THC/Indica

A blend of Indica and herbs formulated to ease you into a great night’s sleep. Sleep well, and wake up rejuvenated. Start with a light dose of 2 mg and go up from there!

CAN CAN Cleanse Pairing: Chamomile Ginger Tea(chamomile flowers, ginger, filtered water) Grace your evening cup of herbal bedtime tea with this cannabis tincture to aid in a good night’s sleep. We encourage lots of rest and a solid 8 hrs (or more) of sleep each night during the cleanse. Chamomile Ginger Tea: an hour before bed.

The pairing of chamomile and cannabis will gently lead your body into a restful and relaxed state for a better night of sleep.

Papa & Barkely Releaf Tincture – CBD, non-psychoactive

CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is well-known and well-researched for reducing inflammation and pain. This tincture has an extremely high CBD content, and is therefore not psychoactive, but can help with muscle recovery, soreness, pain, and more!

CAN CAN Cleanse Pairing: Grapefruit Mint Juice (grapefruit, apple, mint, filtered water) Mid-day pick-me-up! Grapefruit Mint Juice: 2:30pm.

Just as you make the turn into the second half of your cleanse day, pop a 1/4 dropper full of Papa & Barkley's tincture into your afternoon fruit juice for a full CBD boost. Shake well, sip slowly, and enjoy the hint of earthly flavor.

About CAN CAN Cleanse:

CAN CAN Cleanse is a seasonal cleanse and juice company that has been serving the San Francisco Bay Areas since 2010. With honesty and integrity, Teresa and her team make the freshest juices with all organic and plant-based ingredients. The practice of seasonal cleansing allows the body and mind a focused time of pause from routine

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