Brands / December 2021
Sava Launches Limited Edition Holiday Pre-Rolls
May your holidays be merry and high with our limited edition Durban Biscotti mini pre-rolls, designed to deliver a social buzz that’s sure to have you feeling smiley and relaxed. 
Brands / December 2021
Cannabis Newbie Gift Guide
Here are a few of our favorite products for anyone who’s just getting started exploring the benefits of cannabis.
Brands / December 2021
Cannabis Connoisseur Gift Guide
Whether you’re shopping for that friend with an impressively high THC tolerance, or looking to pick up a few new high-dose goodies for yourself, our gift guide is sure to delight the experienced cannabis lovers in your life.
Brands / December 2021
Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide
Anyone getting these goodies in their stocking made the “nice” list this year. These individual treats add a little bit of extra joy to any holiday morning.
Brands / December 2021
Gifts For the One Who Has It All
For the cannabis enthusiasts on your list who already have basically everything, here are a few unique offerings that are sure to dazzle even the most well-equipped consumers.
Brands / December 2021
Artisan Flower Brands That Are Changing the Cannabis Game
Meet a few of Sava's artisan flower brands and how they're shaping the industry.
Brands / October 2021
Sava Witches You a Happy Halloweed!
Our San Francisco online dispensary and cannabis delivery service offers all the fun Halloween edibles treats you’re looking for without any of the tricks!
Brands / October 2021
Holiday Recipes with The Farmaceuticals Co.
Cheers to the holidays with these cannabis recipes from The Farmaceuticals Co.!
Brands / September 2021
A Conversation with Our Latinx-Owned Brands
Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month with an inside look at our Latinx-owned brands.
Brands / July 2021
Summer Recipes with Mondo
Elevate your summer potlucks with these recipes from Mondo, a cannabis powder made from Blue Dream.
Brands / June 2021
Meet Sava's Queer-Owned Brands
To celebrate Pride Month, we sat down with the founders of our queer-owned brands to discuss being queer in the cannabis industry, the interconnectivity of queer history and cannabis, and their brands’ plans for Pride Month.
Brands / May 2021
A Conversation with AAPI Trailblazers in the Cannabis Industry
Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Month with an inside look at our AAPI-led brands.
Brands / February 2021
Find The Perfect Match With Sonoma Hills Farmer's Reserve Jane West Pipes
Sonoma Hills Farm is angling to take the notion of pairings to an even higher level, matching gourmet food with top-quality flower for a perfect blend of flavor and effect. Read on to learn about their favorite pairings for each limited-edition Farmer's Reserve strain.
Brands / November 2020
Nano-Tech Is Transforming How We Socialize
Nano-technology makes it possible to create a better type of cannabis drink. Calexo chats with Austin from Vertosa about why nano-emulsification is a game-changer when it comes to social drinking.
Brands / October 2020
What is a Cloudberry?
Many of you have been asking, what is a cloudberry? Is the flavor name for the new Plus Sleep Cloudberry gummies just a clever play on words? Believe it or not, Cloudberries are really real. Read on to learn more about this rare and delicious fruit.
Brands / October 2020
Delta-8 Beverages for a Clearer High
Crafted with 2mg THC, 2mg Delta-8 and 4mg CBD, WUNDER'S unique combination of cannabinoids creates a gentle wave of relaxation and euphoria that resembles the positive effects of drinking alcohol.
Brands / July 2020
PLUS CBDRelief: The first edibles line designed for everyday relief
Meet the newest member of the PLUS family: CBDRelief! Available in three proprietary CBD-rich blends, it’s the first edible designed to give you relief from everyday stress, aches and pains.
Brands / July 2020
Omura’s Heat-Not-Burn-Technology is a Big Thing
Heat-not-burn technology is a new innovation at the forefront of whole flower cannabis and tobacco industry. Learn about how Omura's unique heat-not-burn technology works.
Brands / May 2020
THC Topicals: Providing Pain Relief
Sweet Releaf's mission is to provide full-spectrum, sun-grown cannabis and terpene-rich topicals. Learn more about the benefits of THC topicals as a natural alternative to help reduce physical pain.
Brands / May 2020
Botanical and Terpene Rich Tinctures
Humboldt Apothecary offers a diverse and comprehensive line of tinctures to meet everyone’s needs. But how do you pick the right product? Read on to learn more about the differences between Humboldt Apothecary’s terpene rich line and the botanical line. 
Brands / March 2020
Kiskanu: Connecting Cannabis and Wellness
In shining a positive light on both sustainable cannabis and plant-based, body-care, Kiskanu is helping support more and more people on their holistic healing journeys with therapeutic cannabis products and flower.
Brands / January 2020
How Clean Is Your "Clean" Skincare?
Turns out that of all the emerging flavors of skincare, the cleanest of them all might surprise you even more: It’s cannabis skincare. Read on to learn why.
Brands / December 2019
How Are Papa & Barkley Products made?
Curious about Papa & Barkley products? Papa & Barkley created a video series showing you how balms, tinctures, topicals, and capsules are made from farm to final product.
Brands / December 2019
Use of Ayurvedic Medicine in Sweet Releaf Dry Oils
Sweet Releaf Dry Oils leverage the powerful properties of full-spectrum cannabis while integrating principles of Ayurvedic medicine, representing the highly effective union of eastern and western medicine to address pain and inflammation.
Brands / November 2019
But what if we spiked seltzer with weed?
Cann is an award-winning cannabis-infused social tonic that prioritizes both effects and delicious taste. With five simple and all-natural ingredients, they make the perfect substitute for that glass of wine, but without the hangover the next morning.
Brands / July 2019
Why THC Is as Important as CBD in Your Skincare
The lack of information on THC and dozens of other healthy cannabinoids (THCA, THCVA, CBN, CBDV, etc.) may lead you to think that CBD is the only skin-friendly cannabinoid. While CBD has many benefits, it is only part of the story, and you are really missing out on a valuable tool if you leave THC out of your skincare regimen.
Brands / December 2018
Micromist Tincture Sublingual Sprays
Looking for a new way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis? Cannabis micromist sprays may be the ideal route for you. Perhaps you are concerned about the effects of smoking on your long-term lung health, or maybe you want a more consistent alternative to poorly characterized edible products you’ve tried in the past.
Brands / December 2018
Cannabis Topicals for Muscle Soreness
Muscle soreness affects us all. No one is immune. Whether you’ve had an exhilarating run, been out weeding in the garden, or are simply done in by a long day at work, sore muscles are certainly among the worst rewards.
Brands / April 2018
Customizing Level Tablinguals
Cannabis is a journey of discovery between a person and the bountiful health potential of the plant. This journey should be enjoyable, safe, educational, and empowering. In order to facilitate this journey, Level has created a toolkit that allows an individual to customize their experience.
Brands / September 2017
Eel River Dry Farming
Tucked away in the hills of Humboldt County, Eel River’s Farm is graced with the presence of the mighty Eel River along the iconic Avenue of the Giants. We sat down with their team to find out more about this unique farm and their sustainable dry farming practices.