1. How Cannabis Drinks Can Help You Drink Less

    Why Cannabis Drinks Will Make You Lose The Booze Whether you’re participating in Dry January or are just looking to mix up your mixology skills, there are many reasons to set alcohol aside this month and try something new—cannabis drinks!  These simple swaps provide all the taste, pleasure, and fun of our favorite alcoholic drinks, but with none of the...
  2. Cannabis in Your System: Inhaling vs Ingesting

    Cannabis for Beginners: Smoking vs Edibles Have you ever wondered about the effects of smoking vs edibles in your body? The two different ways of ingesting cannabis act very differently on your body and can produce vastly different experiences. We'll break down the pros and cons of each, as well as the right dose to start with if it's your...
  3. How Do Terpenes Affect The Human Body?

    How Do Terpenes Affect The Human Body? Terp-what? Terpenes! What do the ripe aroma of an orange, the spicy tang of wine, and your favorite pungent strain of cannabis all have in common? Terpenes! What do terpenes do? They give cannabis and other plants their distinct smell and differentiate among the various strains.  At Sava, we make buying cannabis online an...

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