COVID-19 | How You Can Help

Each week we'll highlight one way you can help our local community during this crisis. 

Check back to learn more about our featured organization.

SF Food Bank

As the COVID-19 situation intensifies daily, the Food Bank is facing an unprecedented challenge to support our neighbors who are currently food insecure as well as actively preparing to support those who may now be facing hunger as a result of lost hours, wages, or jobs.

They need both donations and volunteers. See how you can help.


Personal Protective Equipment enhances the safety of healthcare workers so they can keep caring for their loved ones. Here are some ways to help:

  1. For those in need: Request donations

  2. For those seeking to give: Give PPE

  3. For the maker community: Register as a GetUsPPE maker

  4. Donate: Support financially to purchase PPE

Frontline Foods

Frontline Foods supports healthcare workers with healthy meals from local kitchens. You can donate to specific cities, and including SF!

Donate or volunteer

Feed The Line

Feed The Line is an SF-based charity sponsoring individual restaurants, daily, to feed workers in hospitals.

Donate here

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