Entertaining with Cannabis

How to Incorporate Mary Jane into Your Holiday Party in a Way Your Guests Will Love

Gone are the days when having cannabis at your holiday party meant homemade pot brownies strong enough to kill the vibe. Thanks to artisan cannabis crafters, you can now have sparkling infused beverages, cannabis tea mocktails, pre-roll bars, and an array of presentations that are perfect for enthusiasts and newcomers alike. 

We’ll guide you through creating a cannabis display that’s sure to impress and relax your guests.

Party Prep

In order to choose the right selection, ask yourself: 

  1. Are my guests new to cannabis, or do I have a mix of newcomers and enthusiasts? 

  2. Do I have a space for smoking or not?  

For all newcomers, select low-dose products and products high in CBD. For a mix of guests, get a mix of products. Either way, clearly label everything and consider putting a sign up about dosing (we made one for you to use!). Help your guests choose their own adventure!


Products that you smoke, vape, and ingest sublingually (under the tongue) have a faster onset and shorter high duration. These products go directly into your bloodstream, so you feel effects in 10-15 minutes. 

Items you ingest (like gummies, chocolates, etc) are first processed via your digestive system and therefore take longer to come on—sometimes up to an hour—and they also last longer. The two types of consumption also affect people slightly differently, and some people prefer one method over the other. We recommend having a mix of the two.


As you would a cheese display, adding cards describing each item is extremely helpful. Add the product name, the strain if you know it, whether the product contains THC or CBD, and how many milligrams of each per serving. Make sure your low and high dose options are distinct from one another in appearance. You may want to put a knife and tray out so guests can split edibles into measured pieces should they want a lower dose. 

Curating the Perfect Cannabis Bar

Party-Perfect Edibles

Chocolates, mints, and gummies in clearly labeled dishes make a beautiful display. As a rule, a newcomer should start with 2mg or less of THC or try a high CBD product. Be aware that how much you’ve had to eat or drink will affect how strong the edible feels. Start small and wait an hour. You can always add more. 



Make killer cannabis mocktails using cannabis tea, soda, or by adding a tincture to a drink. The best part is no hangovers the next morning!


  • Straight, no chaser: Cann x Sava’s Lime Basil Social Tonic is a crowd pleaser with its delicious flavors and low 2mg THC and 4mg CBD dose. 

  • On the rocks or in a cocktail: Pamos Cannabis Spirit provides a bright, alcohol-free buzz and is available in low-dose and microdose options, so you can choose the one that works for you. Plus, every bottle of Pamos comes gift-wrapped through the end of December.

  • For a mocktail that can beat any cocktail, use Kikoko tea and one of their amazing recipes. “The Betty” is a CBD-based cocktail inspired by the Sidecar. “The Gloria” uses an aphrodisiac THC tea to blend hibiscus, cardamom, and rose with cranberry and orange. See recipes.

  • To enhance favorite cocktails: Humboldt Apothecary tinctures can be added to any cocktail in whatever dose you choose. Check out recipe for a Cranberry Holiday Mule for a relaxing 3:1 CBD experience.

  • If you're in the mood for chocolate, try Khemia Cosmic Cocoa.

Smoking and Vaping

Make a pre-roll display! Place a couple types of pre-rolls in glasses with cards telling guests the strain name and effects. Decorate the table with antique ashtrays and fancy matchbooks. 

Vapes are also great for parties, especially when you don’t want smoke indoors. Many are available in low-dose formulations. 

Pro tip: Add a small platter of alcohol wipes with a discard cup so guests can wipe down the pens between uses to avoid spreading anything more than holiday cheer.

A sativa or a sativa-leaning hybrid will be the best choice to liven your holiday party, but stay away from strains that are described as cerebral. Mini pre-rolls are also a popular choice for parties because they're easy to share (or finish on your own!).  If you want products that are lower dose, look for strains that have both CBD and THC. And remind newcomers that one puff is a great starting point!


Sublingual Strips

Want the effect of inhalables with zero smoking or vaping? Sublingual strips and mints are the way to go! Place these under your tongue and let them dissolve. 


Serve an Infused Dessert

Serve a THC or CBD dessert to cap off your dinner party in style!  

For those that want relaxation with little to no high: Try Mindset Cannabis Matcha White Chocolates, which have 10mg CBD and just 1mg THC. A high CBD dessert is also a great way to combat inflammatory effects of the many glasses of wine you served throughout the evening. 

For those that want a little buzz: Top your favorite vanilla ice cream with Potli Olive Oil and large flake sea salt, or add a teaspoon of Potli’s Going Up Play Honey. Be sure to measure, since 2-3 mg of THC is a perfect nightcap. 


Ask Us For Help!

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Make sure everyone consuming cannabis at your party is 21+.