Cannabis Connoisseur Gift Guide

Whether you’re shopping for that friend with an impressively high THC tolerance, or looking to pick up a few new high-dose goodies for yourself, our gift guide is sure to delight the experienced cannabis lovers in your life. 

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Artet Founders Blend No. 1 Live Resin Aperitif 

This limited-edition aperitif is infused with Honeydew Funk live resin from Aster Farms and is a great addition to your holiday bar. With 75mg THC per bottle, this beverage offers a high that's as complex as its flavor profile. 

Shop Artet x Aster Farms Aperitif.

Mellows Super Mellows

Infused with solventless ice water hash and 100mg THC, these gourmet marshmallows aren’t for the faint of heart. Produced by a San Francisco-based and woman-owned brand, these tasty treats are available in Mint Chip, Brown Butter Sage & Smoky Vanilla, and Birthday Cake & Chocolate Cake. 

Shop Super Mellows.

Kiva High THC Chocolate Bars

These handcrafted chocolate bars are available in many mouthwatering flavors, including limited edition Peppermint Bark, Blackberry, Churro Milk Chocolate, and more. 

Shop High THC Kiva Chocolate.

Garden Society Wine Gummies 

Wishing you could take a trip to Napa? Garden Society has you covered with their wine gummies, available in Tart Cherry Pinot Noir, Peach Prosecco, and (coming soon!) Strawberry Rosé.

Shop Garden Society Gummies.

Legion of Bloom Lavender Kush Pod

When you’re ready to decompress and unwind, this strain is a must-try. Featuring notes of lavender, fresh flowers, and a hint of cayenne, it’s perfect for ending a long day or enjoying yourself on a weekend getaway.

Shop Legion of Bloom Pax Pods.

Raw Garden Strawberry Rosé Live Resin

Made from Clean Green Certified cannabis flower, Raw Garden’s Live Resin is flash-frozen at harvest in order to preserve the plant’s unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles. A hybrid strain, Strawberry Rosé Live Resin is sure to delight the heavy-hitting dabbers in your life. 

Shop Raw Garden Concentrates.

Level Protab+ Boost Tablet

For those looking to incorporate a high dose of cannabinoids into your daily routine, Protab+ Boost is the product for you. Dosed with 30mg Delta-9 THC, THCv, and CBG per tablet, Boost is designed to improve your focus and energy—perfect for getting you through the holidays!

Shop Protab+ Boost.

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