Gifts For the One Who Has It All

For the cannabis enthusiasts on your list who already have basically everything, here are a few unique offerings that are sure to dazzle even the most well-equipped consumers.

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The Herbalist Fragrance

This exceptional collaboration from Drew Martin and Heretic is truly one of a kind. Yes, it’s infused, and while it won’t produce a high per se, the carefully blended botanicals included in the scent are sure to evoke a light, airy, day-dreamy feeling. Available in a bottle and as a roll-on.

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Pamos Zero Proof Spirits

The world of cannabis beverages is ever-expanding, but Pamos brings something unique to the table. Inspired by California’s abundant seasonal produce, Pamos offers a bright, citrusy flavor that’s ideal for both sipping on its own or mixing into an alcohol-free cocktail. And until the end of the month, each bottle comes gift-wrapped. 

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Quim Intimate Oil & Serum

We love everything about Quim. Of course the products are excellent, but Quim’s dedication to normalizing and promoting vaginal health earns them a special place in our … hearts.

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Hervé Macarons

These gold-leaf brushed delights might be the fanciest edibles we’ve ever seen. Dazzle your giftee with these chic treats, perfect for any special occasion.

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Pax 2

Several Sava staff members swear by their Pax 2s for vaping flower for the consistent experience and controllable temperature settings.

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Rose Delights

When it comes to edible artistry, there’s no match for Rose Delights. Every ingredient is carefully sourced, each flavor is created with input from world-class chefs, and each edible offers a whole-flower rosin experience.

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Summerland Pleasure Point Bong

This stylish and contemporary ceramic bong looks great on your bedside table filled with poppies or in your lap surrounded by smoke. It’s perfect for those who want to upgrade their smoking experience. 

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