Find Your Perfect Smoke with the Ultimate Infused Pre-Rolls

Let's talk about infused pre-rolls!

What are infused pre-rolls?

Infused pre-rolls are made with a mixture of ground loose flower and concentrates, a condensed version of the plant that's packed with tasty terpenes and cannabinoids. Expect these pre-rolls to pack a potent punch—think of it like having a cup of coffee with an extra shot of espresso!

For those who prefer a lighter experience, opt for non-infused pre-rolls with a low THC percentage, such as those made with CBD- or THCv-rich flower.

The infused pre-rolls you'll find on Sava are made with sustainably grown flower and solventless, chemical-free concentrates. Everything is lab-tested and carefully curated to ensure a consistent experience.

What are the pre-rolls infused with?

Two common infusions in pre-rolls are diamonds and hash. Here's the difference:

Diamonds: THCa crystals, also known as diamonds, are created by using pressure and heat to separate out the cannabinoids, after which the solvent is removed and THCa crystals begin to form. Diamonds are usually 98-100% pure THCa, which is instantly converted to a powerful dose of THC once heat is applied when you light up.

Hash: Hash is made from trichomes, which are little resinous balls of flavorful terpenes that are found on the cannabis plant. The popular ice water hash extraction method is free of chemicals and solvents, so you know you're putting only the highest-quality hash in your body. 

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Pure Beauty Infused Pre-Rolls

These pre-rolls are infused with a perfect balance of solventless live rosin and ice water hash and have clean, thin paper for a slow, even burn. 

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Miss Grass Diamond-Infused Pre-Rolls

These sativa, indica, and hybrid pre-rolls are infused with THCa diamonds, and their mini size makes them perfect for sharing.

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Stone Road Infused Pre-Rolls

Sun-grown, small-batch flower meets hash and THCa diamonds in these strain-specific pre-rolls. 

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