Kiskanu: Connecting Cannabis and Wellness

The Humboldt love story behind Kiskanu started when co-founders Gretchen and Jason met at a Phish show in Minneapolis. Both loved the music scene and found each other pretty cool, too. At the time, Jason lived in Michigan and Gretchen in Boulder, but the pair stayed in touch. A few years later, Jason moved Humboldt County to make music and grow cannabis. Meanwhile, Gretchen was inspired to relocate to Portland to attend the American Jewelry Institute. After tiring of the long-distance connection, Gretchen completed her program and moved south; soon after, the pair were married in Maui. The next chapter of their story opens on a beautiful farm on a hill called Kneeland, where Gretchen and Jason became the parents to two children, and created Kiskanu.

After beginning to brand their sun-grown cannabis under California’s medical marijuana regulations in 2015, Gretchen began to truly understand the therapeutic power of cannabis. She completed a cannabis therapy certification course in Mendocino and started experimenting with making her own homemade salves. A regular consumer user since high school, Gretchen had never understood how much cannabis had helped her cope until discovering that cannabis heals on many levels.

After creating her wound salve, Gretchen began studying with renowned herbalist Jane Bothwell (and Rosemary Gladstar), who happened to live down the road in Kneeland. Gretchen began learning about other complimentary herbs and medicinal therapies from Bothwell. Soon enough, Gretchen was making her own suppositories and an all-natural intimacy lubricant, the first batch of Kiskanu’s Intimacy Oil, as well as the other beauty and wellness products.

Today, Gretchen serves as Kiskanu’s creative director, while Jason focuses on business and farm management, as well as  sourcing premium flower from farmers who share Kiskanu’s values. In shining a positive light on both sustainable cannabis and plant-based, body-care, Kiskanu is helping support more and more people on their holistic healing journeys with therapeutic cannabis products and flower, brought to you from Humboldt and made by an herbalist.


Our CBD Intimacy Oil is a nourishing formulation, featuring a luxurious oil base, infused with organic calendula petals. Calendula is a prime herb we feature often in our formulas for its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that is soothing to the skin and nervous system. 

We suggest using our Intimacy Oil for lubrication, enhanced arousal, increased sensitivity, vaginal dryness, menopausal discomfort, dry skin, and as a whole body massage oil.


Our Face Oil features a blend of skin-nourishing cold-pressed oils, infused with organic botanicals. Integrating a high quality oil treatment into skin care regimens is a wonderful way to deliver moisturization into the deeper layers of the skin. Even in cases of excessively oily skin, this can often be an indication of skin that’s being overly cleansed, and not properly moisturized, so the skin cells work harder to produce more oil to compensate for the natural oil loss. 

We suggest using our Face Oil as a daily moisturizer on cleansed skin, as a makeup base, for makeup removal, as a beard oil, and for deep moisturization. Face Oil can also be helpful in reducing inflammation, muscle tension, muscle spasms, and can be clarifying to the skin, helping promote cellular turnover.


Suppositories are a wonderful method of delivering CBD to the endocannabinoid system. This method allows the CBD to bypass the liver and quickly be absorbed directly into the bloodstream and dispersed throughout the vascular system. 

We suggest using CBD Suppositories for inflammation, menopausal discomfort, vaginal dryness, menstrual aches, bowel discomfort, pelvic discomfort, bowel discomfort, lower back and hip discomfort, soothing irritated tissue, muscle spasms, etc. Our CBD Suppositories may be used vaginally or rectally.


Kiskanu’s  CBD salve is a wonderful blend of skin-healing botanicals and nourishing oils. Skin Rub is wonderful in its ability to soothe irritated tissues and pain and promote skin regeneration and wound healing, while moisturizing the layers of skin in between. Since this is a topical application, it is best to use this method of CBD delivery for more localized concerns. 

We suggest using CBD Skin Rub for dry skin, sore muscles, minor aches and pains, arthritic joints, and nerve pain, and can also provide relief from insomnia.

Kiskanu Farm

We grow our own cannabis under the sun on our family farm located deep in the hills of Northern Humboldt County, as well as source sun-grown cannabis from other family farms from the Emerald Triangle. We are committed to supporting organic farming methods, sustainable practices, organic ingredients, and offering safe, third party lab-tested products and flower to our community. Whole plant and solvent-free extracts as well as organic ingredients are a top priority to us. We hand-create our beauty and wellness products with our team at our manufacturing facility in Eureka, CA.

We are farmers and are proud to share our cannabis products with you and your loved ones.

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