Meet Our Women-Owned Brands

Sava was founded by two women who curate the best cannabis California has to offer. As a female-driven company, we’re dedicated to fostering an inclusive industry, which is why we’ve committed to having at least half of the brands on our platform be women-owned.

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In honor of International Women’s Day, we wanted to take a moment to highlight our amazing family of women-owned brands. Read their stories, and get inspired!


Led by Chiah Rodriques, Arcanna is an equity grant-funded farm powered by a 50% female team. The farm was founded with the goal of helping small, family-owned farms find fair footing in the marketplace, especially when faced with large corporations pushing legacy cultivators out of business. Watch the “Lady Buds” documentary to learn more about Chiah’s story. 



From award-winning organic olive oil to 50 years of off-the-grid ranching, Aster Farms embodies responsible stewardship, integrity, and consistent quality. Julia Jacobson and her husband are founders of this off-the-grid farm that is known for a range of products, from top-quality flower to a collaborative cannabis aperitif with drink brand Artet. 



Jamie Pearson is the President and CEO of Bhang, an infused-chocolate company that brings collaborations to the forefront of its mission. Pearson has been a leader in the cannabis space since 2015, and Bhang’s leadership team is 50% women.



Led by founder and CEO Timeka Drew, Biko was created to celebrate the cultivation and use of cannabis as a time-honored tradition for (and by) women. As a Black and woman-owned social equity brand, Biko's existence and success is embodied by working toward ending systemic racism and inequalities in the cannabis space. 



Launched in 2014, Bloom Farms’ mission is to offer the highest-quality cannabis products and promote responsible use as part of a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. The brand donates a meal to a person in need for every product sold, and has donated over 3 million meals since 2015.




Calexo was conceived in 2018 by late-blooming cannabis users as an alternative to alcohol. The drink is a sparkling cannabis beverage made with all-natural fruit juices, botanicals, and nano-emulsified THC, and is precisely dosed for an easy-to-control, uplifting experience.



Founded by wife-and-husband duo Lusila and Eric Theise, Cali Heights’ mission is to provide the California cannabis community with a clean and predictable experience at a reasonable price. The founders have spent years consulting store owners, brand CEOs, sales teams, budtenders, product scientists, and, most importantly, the shoppers when coming up with their vape pens.




After her daughter Nicole was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, Dr. Christine Skibola fell into a rabbit hole of holistic health research, which she incorporated into her 20+ year career as a professor and cancer researcher with world-renowned institutions such as UC Berkeley, the National Cancer Institute, and the World Health Organization. The result was Cosmic View, a mother-daughter-led brand whose beautifully crafted and designed topicals and tinctures are rooted in science and crafted with care.



Ramona Moonflower Rubin co-founded Doc Green's in 2009 with the intention to weave together health, spirituality, and activism. From the brand’s days of making topicals for grannies to introducing rosin and dabs to a new generation of young women cannabis aficionados, Doc Green’s has always prioritized making their products accessible to women.



A woman- and Asian-owned business, Elefante produces mouthwateringly soft vegan gummies. Named after founder Julie Tran’s dog, Elefante’s all-natural gummies are great for both vegans and non-vegans alike. 



Casey Angeley is a former Oncology and ICU Nurse at Stanford Medical Center, and she co-founded Emerald Bay Extracts with her husband, Thomas. Emerald Bay Extracts creates precisely dosed concentrates (including Rick Simpson Oil), which are particularly helpful for medical patients. 



Founder Erin Gore and her co-founder Karli Warner created Garden Society to serve women in search of new and more holistic ways to renew and restore from the chaos of their daily lives. The duo are fearless advocates for women-owned cannabis businesses, and equally dedicated to breaking the stigma and rewriting the script around the plant.



Nina Parks first developed the idea for Gift of Doja during the early days of shelter-in-place as a way to cultivate her interest in sacred plant medicines and divine femininity. Gift of Doja curates small-batch cannabis grown by farmers from all over California who choose to cultivate the plant with love and intention. 



Green Bee Botanicals was founded by Bridget May, a botanist and chemist who left the biopharmaceutical industry to pursue her passion for cannabis medicine, and her long-time best friend and COO, Kim Howard. After leveraging her knowledge of plant medicine, her biology degree, and her biopharmaceutical experience, May formulated her first cannabis skincare product: a face serum that went on to win Best Cannabis Topical in a 2018 state-wide competition. Today, Green Bee Botanicals creates clean, whole-plant cannabis skincare for beautiful skin and medicinal salves to help the body heal itself.



Founded by two art-industry veterans, Kristina Lopez Adduci and Holly Hager, House of Puff came to life after the two women bonded over their shared, yet then-clandestine, appreciation of cannabis. Bringing high-design accessories, such as ceramic one-hitters, to the market was a natural fit. 



Cannabis industry insider, Cynthia Salarizadeh, and wine industry veteran, Tracey Mason, came together with a mission to bring the ancient tradition of cannabis-infused wine into the modern age. Launched in October of 2019, House of Saka Pink and White Vinofusions combine the magic of the Napa Valley with state-of-the-art infusion technology for a truly elevated cannabis experience.




Humboldt Apothecary is a women-owned and -operated business nestled in the redwoods of Humboldt County, California. The founders Gillian Levy and Susan Cleverdon have over 25 years of experience as herbalists and are committed to sustainable and environmentally mindful practices. Their top-quality tinctures address an array of issues, from getting better rest to a classic 1:1 formulation.



Led by CEO Mindy Galloway, the all-female leadership team at Khemia has 35 years of combined industry experience. Longtime advocates for safe access, the team leading this social-equity company consists of four women in C-suite positions as well as an advisory board of seven women.



Inspired by a friend who was battling cancer, and not wanting to smoke cannabis, Kikoko was created by two middle-aged women—one formerly a journalist and the other a serial entrepreneur. The founders Amanda Jones and Jen Chapi tackled the industry to create a product line that appeals to women of all ages who want alternatives to pharmaceuticals for sleepmoodpain and libido.



Owned by Gretchen Miller and her husband, Jason, Kiskanu is a family-run organic topical beauty and wellness line handcrafted in Eureka, CA. With over 40 years combined experience, the founders of Kiskanu have brought their knowledge of cultivation, herbalism, and cannabis therapy to create a line that offers an easy introduction to cannabis and its benefits for all types of cannabis users.



Founded by wife-and-husband team Kristi Knoblich Palmer and Scott Palmer, Kiva has grown from a home-kitchen experiment in 2010 to the top edible brand in the country. What started with high-quality chocolates soon blossomed into mints, gummies, chews, and more chocolate



Sixteen years ago, Lady Gemini founder Dawn Bazurto was convicted of multiple cannabis felonies for cultivation and distribution and suffered greatly as a result of the War on Drugs and the prohibition of cannabis. Today, she leverages her accounting and cannabis knowledge to help cannabis companies enter the regulated legal market, and manages Lady Gemini alongside her co-founder Joshua Jones.



Nidhi Lucky Handa is the Founder and CEO of LEUNE, a California-based lifestyle brand forged on the principle of radicalizing the common narrative surrounding cannabis culture. As a woman of color, Handa has dedicated her career to building a cannabis brand that will not only disrupt the dispensary shelf, but also raise the industry standards for workplace culture, representation, and social equity.



Level's mission is to create cannabis products that empower people to live healthier, happier, and more enjoyable lives. Founded by wife-and-husband team Brie and Chris Emerson, Level leverages Chris’ expertise in small molecule chemistry and formulation with Brie’s multifaceted talents in running the company’s operations, marketing, and development.   



As a WOC-owned, Oakland-based, equity brand, MAAT Apothecary is dedicated to neutralizing the effects of systemic racism and harm from the War on Drugs. The brand is led by generational herbalist and wellness equity advocate Alicia Holcombe, who brings 20 years of hands-on holistic care experience to the formulation of her flagship Spiced Honey



Founded by Chinese American Judy Yee, Mad Lilly produces delicious and low-calorie cannabis-infused beverages. Mad Lilly is known for their Emerald Cup award-winning fruit spritzers as well as their sleep tonic. Mad Lilly also launched the Moms for Mary campaign, aimed at driving awareness and normalizing cannabis consumption among parents. 



Mary’s Medicinals is a women-led brand built upon the intersection of engineering and horticulture. Inspired by a conversation founder Nicole Smith had at a New Year’s party, the brand was the first to debut transdermal cannabis patches, and now offers a wide range of products designed for daily comfort.




Stephanie Hua is the founder and chief confectioner behind Mellows and author of Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis KitchenMellows was born from her desire to create a beautiful, delicious, low-dose edible that is pure delight from the moment you pick up a box, to the first taste, to the mellow feeling imparted.




When three former pharmaceuticals veterans became disillusioned with their industry, they broke away and stepped into the cannabis space to form Mindset Cannabis. Led by CEO Sara Adams, the team focused on formulations for specific results, launching with six varieties of chocolate infused with various cannabinoids, including Peanut Butter THCv and Mint CBG




Born out of a love of weed and the desire for a modern, sophisticated brand that could break away from the “lazy stoner” stigma, CEO Kate Miller founded Miss Grass in 2017. Giving back to the community has been central tenet for the brand, which has partnered with Planned Parenthood, The Women’s Prison Association, and Last Prisoner Project, among other organizations 



Emily O’Brien, the founder of Mondo, used medical cannabis to treat the pain from a serious back injury and subsequent anxiety disorder. Mondo’s flagship product is a discreet THC powder that can be added to foods and smoothies, and is a great way to incorporate cannabis into your daily routine.




Nouera is an Asian- and queer-founded brand with a focus on pairing sustainably grown cannabis with the healing arts. They’re known for smallz, their collection of mini pre-rolls for an easy and shareable experience with friends. Try their classic palate for a more grounding, Shiva-inspiring experience featuring a Gelato Sunday strain. 



Founder Charlotte Troy began Oara with one thing in mind: better health through cannabis. She created Oara’s signature infused chocolates using only Sun+Earth certified cannabis as well as non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan ingredients. Infusing her chocolates not only with cannabis but with probiotics and other superfoods, Troy brings a distinct offering to the cannabis space.



Ojo De La Sol exists within an ecosystem of the cannabis industry that promotes solidarity and reciprocity to dismantle the systems that uphold extractive economies, extractive farming practices, and extractive relationships often at the exclusion of Black, Brown, and Indigenous people. Ojo De La Sol’s products are sourced with intention and care by their CEO and Medicine Maker Dania Cabello, each item carefully considered for its impact on humans and the planet.


OM is a female-founded legacy company dedicated to providing the most effective, enjoyable, consistent, and high quality edibles, topicals, and tinctures. Founder Maya Elisabeth leads the team in creating a wide array of cannabis wellness products most passionately in the category of cannabis hydrotherapy.



Potli was founded by college roommates and best friends Felicity Chen and Christine Yi with a passion for exciting, artisanal products and the benefits of cannabis. The brand was inspired by Felicity’s mother, a first-generation immigrant who suffers from an autoimmune disease but was deterred from exploring the health benefits of cannabis by the plant’s stigma. Potli started with the honey itself, harvested in hives on their own farm in Northern California, but expanded to include olive oils, Sriracha, and more.



Led by CEO Imelda Walavalkar, Pure Beauty is an environmentally progressive boutique cannabis brand whose high-quality flower is grown in one of the most eco-sustainable indoor cultivations in the country. All water used to grow Pure Beauty’s plants is captured from the air using dehumidification, saving millions of gallons of water a year. Committed to criminal justice reform, a portion of all Pure Beauty’s profits are donated to Defy Ventures, a not-for-profit providing multi-disciplinary support and training to incarcerated populations with the goal of reducing rates of recidivism.



Quim started with two women and their vaginas. After years of dealing with persistent vaginal health, Cyo Nystrom and Rachel Washtien collaborated to share their learning and create a formula that works: happier vaginas and better sex through the natural powers of cannabis and the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil. Their Night Moves Intimate Oil and Oh Yes! Latex-Free Serum are made for people with vaginas and those who love people with vaginas. 



Rosette Wellness believes in the highest quality from seed to final product. This dedication results in a better tasting, more effective product, where quality, consistency, and advanced cannabis technologies commune. While founder Harry Rose was patient 1 when he began developing the company’s line of tinctures to address his own medical issues, his wife and co-owner Natalie Rose has been with the company every step of the way. 



Founded by Faun Chapin and M. Paradise, individuals with a deep love of cannabis as a tool for creativity, Sonder answers those looking for a way to engage deeply within themselves, the world around them, and the people we share it with. All of the cannabis is grown on their family-run farms in Mendocino County by practices that have been passed down and combined with modern cultivation techniques to grow 100% pesticide free, sun-grown cannabis, rich in flavorful terpenes and cannabinoids.



Sonoma Hills Farm is a Sun + Earth-certified craft cannabis farm and culinary garden nestled on 60 acres in Sonoma Valley. Their COO, Joyce Cenali, began cultivating for personal use in her home garden in 2004, and later established a larger collective and medical-grow project in the Sierra region with several hundred patient members. In 2021, she was recognized by the San Francisco Business Times as one of the Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business.



Founded by Korean immigrants Mia Park and J Tran, Sundae School is a cannabis and streetwear brand with a mission to elevate minor voices in the cannabis space. They’re known for their mouthwateringly soft, distinctly flavored boba mochi gummies and mini pre-rolls. 



Founded by Didi Davis and Susanna Frohman, Sweet Releaf is a unique mother/daughter-led company on a mission to bring comfort to pain sufferers who need localized relief while continuing to perform normal daily activities. A leader in sun-grown, full spectrum, THC-rich cannabis topicals since 2015, Sweet Releaf’s award-winning formulations merge Western Science and Eastern Holistic medicine together to quickly restore equilibrium to painful conditions.



The Farmaceuticals Co. is a women- and queer-owned and operated healing company in Big Sur, CA. Co-founders Robin and Chaos both had moms who faced difficult medical issues, and the prescription drugs they were given seemed to make them feel worse, not better. So the co-founders set out to make the most effective and natural products they could—without the use of extracts, concentrates, or chemicals—just pure cannabis flower and organic olive oil. Today, the brand is known for small batch, double lab-tested and hand-crafted products, such as their tinctures and balms.