4 different cannabis infused micromist tinctures from Verra Wellness

Micromist Tincture Sublingual Sprays

Looking for a new way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis? Cannabis micromist sprays may be the ideal route for you. Perhaps you are concerned about the effects of smoking on your long-term lung health, or maybe you want a more consistent alternative to poorly characterized edible products you’ve tried in the past.

Whatever the reason may be, consider opening yourself up to the evolving category of cannabis sublingual products.

From old-school tinctures to new-school sprays, cannabis micromists are conveniently applied and absorbed in the region under the tongue.  The sprays work their way through your blood stream to provide fast-acting relief from chronic pain, insomnia and everything in between. Forget waiting long periods of time for an edible to kick in.  Sublingual sprays offer biphasic uptake, allowing the products to take effect rapidly as they directly enter the blood stream through the vessel-rich tissues under the tongue, delivering relief faster and more efficiently than a traditional edible.

Rest assured knowing that consumer safety is at the heart of these products. Micromist sprays not only allow you to avoid the harmful effects of smoking, but they also provide more control over dosing than edibles do—precision that leads to greater predictability and replicability every time. Not to mention, they’re tasty!

Verra Wellness Micromist Tincture sublingual sprays leverage the healing qualities of purified cannabinoids to provide a positive and delicious experience, without carrying the less-than-appetizing flavor of terpenes or the unpleasant thickness sometimes associated with tinctures.

With the option to choose between mouthwatering flavors like peppermint and strawberry ginger, your taste buds will thank you for this one.

Finally, unlike brownies, candies and other rich and sugary goodies commonly infused with cannabis, Verra’s Micromist sublingual spray is vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, and virtually guilt-free, saving you calories and at no cost to your waistline or dietary needs.

Together, these unique advantages set sublingual delivery apart from the pack, presenting an enticing option for those suffering respiratory issues or dietary concerns, as well as anyone simply looking to expand their current product lineup. Discreet and simple to use, the cannabinoid-infused Micromist Tincture might just be the healthier option in cannabis consumption that you’ve been waiting for.