Oakland’s Top 10 Favorite Cannabis Products

Oakland’s Top 10 Most Popular Curated Cannabis Dispensary Products

As residents in one of the coolest cities in the Bay Area, Oakland folks know how to enjoy the best of California cannabis. At Sava, the best dispensary in the Bay Area, we make it easy for Oakland connoisseurs to enjoy the premium products they deserve. We stock our shelves with an extensive, highly curated collection of cannabis products from cutting-edge cannabis producers and creators. 

With so many options for cannabis delivery in the Bay Area, we strive every day to make sure that our online Oakland dispensary is the best in the business. We know that life is busy, so we make sure that ordering from the best online marijuana dispensary in Oakland is quick and easy.

Sava’s convenient online ordering system, along with our quick, discreet couriers, work in tandem to give you the best Oakland cannabis delivery experience possible. 

Oakland Cannabis Delivery Favorites: Tailored to Fit Your Needs 

Sava’s wide selection is part of what makes us the best Bay Area dispensary. The only problem with our incredible variety is that it makes it hard to choose exactly what to add to your cart for your marijuana delivery in Oakland. That’s why we’re making it easy for you by highlighting the most popular products from our Oakland dispensary.

Browse through our phenomenal selection, choose some favorites, and our Oakland cannabis delivery service will deliver to your door quickly and discreetly.

Be The Social Butterfly with Cannabis-Infused Social Tonic 

Looking for a light, refreshing buzz without the sleepless nights and headaches? Our Oakland customers are obsessed with Cann’s Cannabis-Infused Social Tonic. Each petite can comes with 4mg CBD and 2mg THC for a delightful and mild euphoric feeling. They’re low-calorie cannabis drinks, with about 30 calories per regular-sized Cann. 

Plus, these cannabis drinks are a perfect substitute for beers or wine and they taste as good as they make you feel! Light effervescent bubbles, just enough sweetness to tantalize your senses, and a variety of flavors makes Cann the perfect substitute for a glass of wine.

Pure Beauty CBD Pre-Roll Pack to Share with Friends 

Oaklanders love a perfectly rolled joint, and these pre-rolls definitely hit the spot. When someone pulls the Pure Beauty Babies CBD Pre-Roll Pack out of their bag, the party will light up with the kind of spark that makes for unforgettable memories. Each box contains 10 mini CBD-dominant pre-rolls, each of which contains a perfect .35g of a proprietary blend of cannabis.

The mini-size pre-rolled joint makes it easy to share, dose, and find your perfect elevated experience. This CBD pre-roll pack is perfect for relaxing and enjoying its euphoric effects while maintaining focus and energy.

Indica Boba Mochi Gummies for Your Ultimate After-Hours Relaxation 

Boba has long been one of the Bay Area’s favorite beverages, but while the caffeine in milk tea usually wakes you up, these indica gummies from Sundae School will help you wind down after a long day. Their Milktea Sundae Boba Mochi Gummies are incredibly tasty and give you the chewy, satisfying feeling of mochi with their delicious milky, brown sugar flavor.

These are one of Oakland’s favorite cannabis gummies for a reason. Each gummy has 10mg of fast-acting indica THC for a quick trip into a dreamy, relaxed state of mind. Pair these gummies with a funny movie or one of your favorite records for a happy, sweet wind-down.

Fall Asleep Fast and Stay Asleep All Night with Kiva Gummies 

If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, Kiva’s Midnight Blueberry Camino Gummies are the perfect bite to escort you into dreamland. 

Sleep is critical to our health, but so many of us have trouble resting after stress-filled days. When we try to sleep, our minds go wild, filled with thoughts of what went wrong today, along with anxieties about what needs to get done tomorrow. 

You deserve to wind down worry-free and these fan-favorite gummies will help you do just that. Each gummy contains relaxing terpenes and botanicals, along with 1mg CBN and 5mg THC to send you smoothly and quickly into a deep, relaxing slumber. Give them a try and you’ll see why they’re Kiva’s top-selling gummy!

Balance Your Body and Mind with Wyld’s Pear Gummies 

Who wouldn’t love a gummy described as a “bubble bath for your mind?” 

Wyld’s Pear Gummies have an alluring combination of CBG, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, paired with an equal balance of THC for a restorative and rejuvenating experience. CBG, or cannabigerol, is known as the “mother of cannabinoids,” and provides an especially balancing and refreshing experience without the high. 

Each gummy contains 10mg CBG and 10mg THC for a balanced, enjoyable experience. We highly recommended these gummies for giving your day a reboot and refreshing your body and mind.

Uplift Your Social Experience with Durban Biscotti Pre-Rolls 

Our Durban Biscotti Pre-Rolls are one of our favorite collaborations so far. Made from a sativa-leaning hybrid bred with Durban Poison and Biscotti, these pre-rolls are an uplifting and euphoric strain for creative, energizing elevation.

This flower is truly something special. It’s grown on the Sunrise Gardens Farm in the foothills of Mendocino. Sunshine, natural compost, companion planting and natural pest control come together to make for a clean, gorgeous plant with an inviting aroma of pine forests that will make you feel instantly relaxed and reset.

Each pre-rolled joint is .4g and is perfect for a sweet, shareable mini-joint experience or to enjoy by yourself for a sweet evening of solitude.

Soothe Your Body with Wunder High Dose Beverages 

For a body-intensive experience, try sipping on Wunder’s Higher Vibes High-Dose Beverages. Each flavor is unique and exhilarating. With options like Blood Orange Bitters, Blackberry Lemon, Grapefruit Hibiscus, and Watermelon Basil, you’ll find the perfect beverage for any mood or occasion. 

Each can contains 10mg Delta-8 THC for physical relaxation and 10mg Delta-9 THC for mood elevation. Enjoy a total mind and body shift that will help you relax and approach the world through higher vibrations. These delicious cannabis-infused drinks can be enjoyed alone or poured over ice for a quick trip into an elevated, relaxing experience.

Quim Intimate Oil for an Elevated Romantic Night 

Cannabis can also be a beautiful addition to a sensual physical experience, and Oakland’s favorite arousal enhancer is Quim’s Night Moves Intimate Oil. It’s a soft, luxurious oil made with CBD, THC, MCT oil, tea tree oil, and damiana for a blended botanical supplement that helps boost libido and intensify sensations.

It’s not always easy to get yourself in the mood for love. Stress, mental exhaustion, and feelings of insecurity can stop you from pursuing pleasure just when you could use it the most. Let this cannabis topical from Quim step in and make it easy to get the loving you deserve. Just a few pumps twenty minutes before you want to engage will help you feel stimulated and ready to receive incredible pleasure. 

Drift Off to Slumberland with Our CBN Gummies 

For a fast-acting and long-lasting sleep supplement, consider CBNRelief Lychee Gummies. They’re a pleasant, sweet little bite perfect for drifting off to dreamland and enjoying a full, deep sleep for the whole night, so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day.

These are some of Oakland’s favorites due to their special formulation. Each gummy contains 3mg CBD, 2mg CBN, and 1mg THC for a balanced and effective sleep enhancer. With 1g of sugar and only 5 calories each, they’re a guilt-free treat that will help you get the restful night you deserve.

Get a Clear Mind with Our Sonder Space Crystals 

These popping crystal candies are quickly becoming one of our most popular edibles, and it’s easy to see why. Sonder Space Crystals will make you smile the second they touch your tongue, as the sugary, tangy popping evokes memories of being a carefree child. 

These tasty cannabis candies are made with just a handful of ingredients, including 10mg THC and <2mg CBD for a balanced, euphoric feeling, along with a relaxing body high. Pop a pouch in your mouth, enjoy the fizzle on your tongue, and relax into a delightfully happy elevated experience. 

How to Order Cannabis from Our Convenient Online Oakland Dispensary System 

Cannabis delivery in the Bay Area has never been this simple! Just complete these three easy steps, and soon the best marijuana delivery in Oakland will be on its way to your door.

  1. Create an account with Sava by clicking on the icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Upload government-issued identification (required). You may also upload a medical recommendation in this step, although it is not required.
  3. Add the most tantalizing products from our best dispensary to your cart, then check out!

When placing an order, keep in mind that there are three payment options: check, cash, and bank transfer. Also, make sure to have your ID handy when your delivery arrives.

And that’s it! Your easy online ordering is complete thanks to Sava, the best marijuana dispensary in Oakland

Order Best Curated Oakland Cannabis Delivery Discreetly to Your Door with Sava

Whether you’re looking to relax and socialize with loved ones, enjoy some solo creative time, or are simply seeking a good night’s rest, our Bay Area dispensary has a wide variety of premium cannabis products to meet your needs.

Order online from our Oakland dispensary to enjoy the best of California cannabis delivered quickly, easily, and discreetly to your door!