We Are Committed to Change

At Sava, we are committed to helping end systemic racism in our society as well as inequity in the cannabis industry.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been listening and considering what an effective path forward looks like, something that combines both long-term and short-term efforts, and something that goes beyond performative action and supports ongoing and lasting change. We realize this will be an evolving conversation, so rather than wait until our plans are fully fleshed out, we want to share with you where we are today. This list will be an evolving document that we update as we add details to each initiative.

We commit to magnifying messages around ending racism and creating equity. 

Through our email list and through our social channels, we will continue to have these conversations, share resources, and calls to action. 

We commit to recognizing Juneteenth as a company holiday. 

We encourage our employees to take the day to engage with this holiday and the history behind it. One resource to assist us all in doing so is HellaJuneteenth, an effort led by Hella Creative, that focuses on tapping into their network of influential business leaders and challenges them to push for the celebration of Juneteenth to be a business priority and a national holiday.

We commit to donating money to organizations working to repair damages done by the war on drugs. 

Through ongoing, regular financial contributions we will use money we are making in the cannabis industry to work towards healing from the negative consequences of the War on Drugs, something that disproportionately affects Black and Brown people. 

We commit to offering anti-racism training to our staff on an ongoing basis. 

We as founders and we as a company will engage in the work of looking at where we can improve, and believe formal training will help with that. 

We commit to actively creating shelf space for BIPOC-owned brands. 

As a queer, woman, white, Latina - owned company, there are ways in which we’ve done well at creating balance on our shelves, such as our commitment to always having half of the brands be women-owned or our selection of queer-owned brands. However, we see that when it comes to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)-owned brands we only have a handful, and we need to do better. 

We commit to proactively seeking out BIPOC-owned brands to create greater equity on our shelves and overall balance in the cannabis industry.

We would also like to see more of these brands enter the space and succeed, which leads to our next commitment. 

We commit to offering mentorship and apprenticeship to BIPOC founders coming into the industry. 

Over the years, we’ve gained a wealth of knowledge about how to launch a brand and start a cannabis company, and we’d like to share that with people getting their start. We plan to reach out to those already working to support emerging BIPOC brands to connect with founders who would benefit from our mentorship.

We recognize that this is an ongoing conversation and welcome your thoughts and feedback.

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