Sava's Cannabis Manifesto

It’s the dawn of a new era in cannabis—out of the shadows and into the light—and this new day brings an abundance of choice in where to shop and what to buy, but all products are not created equal. California grows the finest cannabis and you don’t need to be an expert to find it. At Sava, we do that work for you.

We vet the vast world of cannabis and curate only the best.

Every product we sell is hand-picked by our founders to meet strict quality standards—clean, lab tested for quality, and delivers a consistent experience each time you use it.

We believe...

  • Flower should never be grown with pesticides

  • Extracts should always be clean and potent

  • You should be able to find edibles, tinctures, and topicals with clean, healthy ingredients that support your wellbeing

The flower we sell is sungrown or sustainably grown indoors, our vapes and concentrates are always free from fillers and additives, and we have edibles for every single dietary need.

The brands you’ll find on Sava are quality-obsessed and share our goal of creating a progressive, legal, and inclusive cannabis industry.

As a queer-, women-, Latinx-founded company, we commit to having at least 50% of the brands we carry be women-owned and at least 25% BIPOC-owned. We also seek out small, artisan makers and support the brands that built this industry.

If we’re going to sell plants, we’d better protect the Earth that grows them. We are working to set better industry standards by requiring our brands to manufacture and package with the environment in mind.

At Sava we are your cannabis-expert-friend who brings only California’s best to your door. 

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