Celebrate Iced Tea Day with a Cannabis Drink from Pamos

Sit back and sip on an infused Raspberry Long Island Iced Tea

This Saturday 6/10/2023, we're celebrating Iced Tea Day.

And yes, Iced Tea Day is a real holiday. The internet told us so!

For the holiday, the famed Long Island Iced Tea gets a modern twist by Pamos, subbing cannabis for alcohol. 

Meet the Pamos Raspberry Long Island Iced Tea

Available in high- and low-dose formulations, this ready-to-drink cocktail features the natural flavors of raspberry, lemon, and brewed oolong tea, and is infused with the aromatic botanicals and cannabis-derived terpenes of Pamos spirits. Plus, it has the lowest sugar and calorie content of trio of Pamos cocktails!
The high-dose cannabis drink boasts 100mg THC and is great for canna-isseurs looking for something strong to sip on. Be sure to start low and go slow with this one—she packs a punch! 
If low-dose is more your speed, the regular version of this THC drink has 6mg THC and 2mg CBD, making it the perfect substitute for a glass of wine or brunch mimosa. 

Why drink your cannabis?

Fast-acting cannabis drinks in this case, are absorbed differently than traditional edibles. Cannabis drinks can be absorbed through the stomach lining or mucus membranes, bypassing the liver and directly entering the bloodstream, providing an experience more akin to smoking or vaping than traditional edibles.
The onset is faster than with traditional edibles, producing an elevated effect within 15 minutes. Cannabis drinks are in a category of their own for a perfectly balanced experience.
Not to mention, cannabis drinks are fully hangover-free!

About Pamos

Pamos is about enjoying the present, without worrying about tomorrow, and indulging in the here and now in a way that’s brighter, lighter, and a lot more interesting. The brand produces both a cannabis spirit and a range of ready-to-drink cannabis cocktails. 

Unlike traditional spirits, the Pamos spirit is non-alcoholic and infused with a balanced blend of THC, CBD, and plant terpenes—providing a bright, blissful, social buzz that takes the party to places alcohol never could. Deliciously smooth, sophisticated, and easy-to-drink, Pamos is crafted with premium, natural ingredients including California-grown cannabis, mandarin, black currants, lime, and aromatic bitters.

Pamos bar-quality cocktails were developed by award-winning mixologists, featuring Pamos spirits, and fresh, quality ingredients. Each beverage is non-alcoholic, fast-acting, naturally flavored, and ready-to-drink. Simply serve (or shake) with ice, garnish, and go.