Pomegranate, tropical mango, and tart cherry CBD and THC gummies made by PLUS

Feel better with PLUS CBDRelief

Meet the newest member of the PLUS family: CBDRelief! It’s an edible line designed to give you relief from everyday stress, aches and pains. The CBDRelief line comes in three proprietary CBD-rich blends of cannabinoids and powerful functional ingredients to offer anti-inflammatory and calming effects. Each gummy is made with all natural flavors and contains high CBD and low THC for maximum relief but low psychoactivity.


In addition to giving you a delicious, consistent dose every time, PLUS CBDRelief gummies provide powerful relief for two main reasons:

  1. High dose of CBD has proven benefits: Since the 1970s, scientists have been intrigued by the potential therapeutic effects of CBD.  Today, research is accumulating that suggests that CBD at appropriate doses helps reduce the everyday stresses and anxieties that many of us struggle through. Furthermore, CBD appears to help reduce the chronic subclinical inflammation which underpins several of the aches and pains many of us experience every day. 

  2. The Entourage Effect unlocks the power of cannabis: By working through the same cannabinoid receptors, the addition of a low dose of THC along with the higher dose of CBD encourages a more nuanced biological effect which leads to more potent effects, and strong, balanced relief with lower psychoactivity.


Compared to tinctures, gummies are a preferred form factor for pain relief. By leaning into our body’s natural metabolism of THC, gummies provide a longer lasting effect than other forms of cannabis consumption. In addition, gummies make it easy to get a consistent dose every time, they taste great, and they are highly portable for your convenience.


WIth three different CBD:THC ratios, the CBDRelief line has something for everyone. If you are looking for lower psychoactivity, choose between 9:1 Tropical Mango or 18:1 Tart Cherry, depending on the strength of relief you need. If you have a higher tolerance for psychoactivity, the 1:1 Pomegranate is perfect for you. No matter which ratio you pick, you’ll be getting all the benefits of the healing properties of CBD and the enhanced efficacy encouraged by the entourage effect.


  • 1:1 Pomegranate, 5mg CBD:5mg THC per gummy: Best-selling ratio designed to deliver strong but balanced relief with higher psychoactivity. Made with real California pomegranates, which are packed with ellagitannins, powerful antioxidants that elicit a potent anti-inflammatory* response. The beauty is in the symmetry: a 1:1 ratioed gummy delivers a powerful combination of cannabinoids, with 5mg CBD “rounding out” a potent 5mg of THC, which together create a higher psychoactive impact providing powerful relief. 

  • 9:1 Tropical Mango, 9mg CBD:1mg THC per gummy: Designed to combat everyday stress, muscle tension, and pain. The 9:1 ratio gives you enough CBD, balanced with 1mg THC to make for the perfect option for your everyday pain relief needs. High CBD with low THC makes our 9:1 and 18:1 great solutions to take throughout the day as needed. Great for taking the edge off of acute aches, pains and stress from things like post-exercise soreness, upcoming projects at work, or a headache at the end of a long day.

  • 18:1 Tart Cherry, 18mg CBD:1mg THC per gummy: Designed to provide extra strength relief to help with your toughest aches and pains. This CBD-rich dosage provides extra strength help with reducing chronic subclinical inflammation and promoting calm but with only 1mg of THC per gummy for low psychoactivity. Great for chronic aches and pains, such as back pain from sitting at your desk all day, persistent injuries, or lingering anxiety.