Pre-Rolled Pleasure: Find Your Perfect Bliss

Find Classic Pre-Rolled Joints Curated for Your Perfect Bliss

Joints have an iconic place in cannabis consumption. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of inhaling the smoke and being transported to a lighter, happier place. Passing a joint around with friends or enjoying one alone during some extra-special solitude can elevate the everyday to the extraordinary.

The only drawback about joints? They can be challenging to roll properly. Many consumers struggle to roll a joint that is tightly packed with the right amount of flower and will provide an even, smooth smoke. It can be difficult to enjoy a joint that is rolled too tightly because it is at constant risk of becoming unlit, and you may have to pull hard to inhale, resulting in an unpleasant experience. If it’s rolled too loosely, the joint may burn too quickly and is at risk of falling apart.

Pre-rolled joint packs are the perfect answer for the consumer who wants to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the hassle. Cannabis pre-rolls allow you to enjoy the pleasure of a perfectly rolled joint stress-free. All you need is a match or a lighter and the time and space to give your brain and body the relaxation it deserves.

A critical element to choosing the right pack of pre-rolled joints is choosing the best strain, strength, and size for you. There’s no need to worry about being overwhelmed and unable to smoke a whole preroll in one sitting because you’ll be able to find the perfect preroll to fit your needs at our shop. We have everything you could need from high to low dose, indica, sativa, and CBD. We have mini joints for yourself, and large cannabis pre-rolls for sharing. 

Discover how pre-rolls are made, and how to find the perfect pack of pre-rolled joints for you. Sava makes it incredibly easy to buy pre-rolled joints online. Simply find your perfect pre-rolled joint in our online dispensary and get it delivered discreetly to your door anywhere around the Bay Area!

How Are Pre-Roll Joints Made? 

Pre-roll joints are made from the harvested cannabis flower part of the plant. The buds are ground down and loaded into paper cones, and a machine removes any pockets of air to ensure even burning in the final product. The joints are then gently tapped, ensuring uniform distribution of flower throughout. 

After the joints are filled with evenly distributed, well-packed flower, the tip is twisted for easy lighting. Then, the joints go from production into a pack of pre-rolled joints that’s ready for you!

Types of Pre-Rolled Cannabis 

Pre-roll joints come in a variety of sizes and strains. They offer a classic smoking experience that is constantly being refined and revamped by the creative California cannabis industry.


Indica pre-rolls provide a soothing and grounding experience. Indica strains typically make consumers feel happy, calm, sleepy, or cuddly. Smoking an indica pre-roll may make you more sensitive and attuned to your physical senses.

We love indica pre-rolls for mellow, calming experiences. They’re a sweet treat to enjoy on a movie night, to elevate a romantic dining experience, to make your bubble bath even more luxurious, to kick back and listen to some records, or to help you go deep into relaxation during some calming yoga. Generally, indica pre-rolls are perfect for helping you quiet your mind to focus on the “me” in “me time,” or to enjoy an extra-special quiet night with a loved one.

Quiet Times Minis Pre-Rolls from Miss Grass are the perfect little treat to take your evening from comfortable to oh so cozy. Just sink into the experience and leave the worries of the outside world behind. With 2g of flower in each pack, these mini pre-roll joint packs are the perfect portion for you to enjoy alone or with a loved one. You’ll get a dreamy, blissful experience without feeling bogged down or sluggish. 


If you’re looking for an energetic pack of pre-rolled joints, try a sativa pre-roll. Sativa strains are known for providing an elevated cerebral experience, infusing your day with uplifted and euphoric energy. Sativa is wonderful for helping to boost creativity, sharpen focus, and keep you energized and motivated.

Sativa pre-rolls are a great choice for energetic daytime experiences. Getting out in nature while enjoying the effects of sativa can help open your mind to the beauty around you and help you focus on being present. Sativa pre-rolls are an excellent addition to many outdoor adventures like hiking and soaking up the sun at the beach. They’re also great for when you want to tap into your creative side. Painting, drawing, making music, and even cleaning the house to some upbeat tunes are great activities to enjoy with the pleasant, cerebral elevation of sativa strains.

Pure Beauty Sativa Cannabis Cigarettes can help you feel more social, with an uplifting, energetic, euphoric feeling. Each joint in this adorable pack is 0.7g, a great size for sharing while you enjoy an afternoon barbecue or sunset at the beach!


If you’re looking for a pre-roll joint that provides the euphoric and energetic feelings of sativa pre-rolls with the calming relaxation of indica pre-rolls, a hybrid is the perfect choice.

Hybrid pre-rolls are made with cannabis strains that combine sativa and indica strains to create a “best of both worlds” experience. Typically, hybrids are bred from two or more strains selected for specific effects. Hybrids often use sativa strains for euphoric, creative feelings and indicas for relaxed, calm, sensual feelings. The combination is hard to beat!

When selecting a hybrid pre-roll, checking out the parent strains can help you determine the effects that you can expect. For example, our Durban Biscotti Pre-Rolls are a cross between Durban Poison and Biscotti. Durban Poison is a sativa that can help you stay productive and spark creativity, while Biscotti is a potent indica-dominant strain that produces cerebral effects that boost creativity. Our Durban Biscotti Pre-Rolls offer uplifting and euphoric feelings, perfect for social outings or evenings of creativity.

Benefits of Buying a Pack of Pre-Rolled Joints with Sava 

Buying a pre-rolled joint pack for yourself or your loved ones is a great choice for many reasons. What is a pre-roll for, other than sharing and caring? 

While cannabis edibles, infused beverages, and THC tinctures are fun treats, smoking a pre-roll joint is a satisfying, old-school experience that will never go out of style. In many cases, our customers find buying pre-rolls preferable to rolling their own for the following reasons.

Consistent and Convenient Use for Anytime of Day 

Rolling a joint is not an easy task that just anyone will immediately be good at, especially for new cannabis smokers. Rolling joints at home can be a messy, frustrating process until you gain experience.

Buying a pack of pre-rolled joints makes it more convenient than ever to just grab and go, with no muss and no fuss. They are also more uniform in size and shape than hand-rolled joints, making them easier to handle and less likely to accidentally burn you. Pre-rolls are also typically rolled with filters that help trap unwanted particles and finely ground flower before they hit your throat and lungs.

If you want to experience an even smoother, cleaner smoke, try our Soho Joint Holder. This sophisticated glass accessory safeguards your throat, fingers, makeup, and clothes, making it the perfect addition to your stash bag. If you want to elevate your joint-smoking experience, using a joint holder is a must.

High-Quality Cannabis Flower 

The pre-roll joints on our shelves are all made with premium cannabis flower and are expertly rolled for minimal waste. When you purchase flower to roll your own, it’s common to lose some crumbs in the process and get resin all over your fingers, leaving it out of the finished product. When you care about quality and want to reduce waste of precious cannabis, pre-rolls are an excellent choice.

Dosage Transparency 

Instead of eyeballing how much flower to include in a hand-rolled joint, or using a scale in your rolling process, pre-rolls created by cannabis experts remove the guesswork for you.

Find your perfect dose with our mini and full-sized pre-rolls. We love minis for when we want a solo smoke sesh, and they’re a great choice for those just beginning their cannabis journey. Better yet, if you want to avoid puff puff passing your germs around the smoke circle, open up a box of minis to share instead. Meanwhile, full-sized pre-rolls are recommended for cannabis aficionados with a high tolerance, or for sharing with your friends. 

Our pre-rolled joints for sale are all clearly labeled with the weight in grams and THC percentage so you know exactly what type of cannabinoid and amount of THC you’re getting.

Wide Variety of Pre-Rolled Joints 

Sava has a curated selection of the best packs of pre-rolled joints. You can find infused pre-rolls, different strains and blends, and different sizes. Our variety of premium products allows you to custom-tailor the perfect pre-roll experience for you.

More Pre-Rolls Joints We Love! 

Sava staff and customers absolutely love the pre-rolls highlighted below. There’s something for everyone who wants to enjoy a premium cannabis pre-roll experience.

Drew Martin The Collection Sativa Hybrid Pre-Rolls

The Collection Pre-Rolls from Drew Martin are low-dose sativa hybrid joints that are blended with globally inspired botanical flavors, including rose petal, lavender, chamomile, and more. They’re portable too, which makes them the perfect addition to any adventure. Each joint has .65g of high-quality cannabis perfect for sharing on a hike or at the beach!

Pure Beauty Babies Hybrid

Each of these Pure Beauty Babies Hybrid Pre-Rolls contain .35 grams with around 30% THC for a stronger experience. We love these pre-rolls for treating appetite loss and pain, or whenever we want to improve our mood.

Weekenders Chill (CBD) 

These Weekenders Chill Pre-Rolls have a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, perfect for sharing on a hike or at the beach on a sunny day. These pre-rolls offer an easy body high, and are a great option for canna-curious because they are extremely low in THC.

Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls

For a potent infused pre-roll experience, we highly recommend Stone Road’s Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls. Available in popular strains like Gelato, Pineapple Jack, and Super Lemon Haze, the pre-rolls are infused with THCa diamonds and ice water hash for an extra kick that boasts around 45% THC. 

Tailored Pre-Rolled Joints, Delivered Direct to Your Door 

If you’re ready to delight in a classic pre-roll experience, turn to Sava. With our excellent curated collection of pre-rolled joints for sale, you’re sure to find the perfect pre-roll for your next gathering, art session, or lazy Sunday.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced consumer, we make it super easy to buy pre-rolled joints online from our Bay Area dispensary. Our staff of passionate cannabis experts is ready to help you choose your experience, so that you can find the perfect pre-roll for you.