How to Break the Cannabis Stigma and Live a Blissed Out Life

Growing up, you’ve probably been told by your parents, teachers, or other authoritative figures that weed is a drug. That it’s addictive, harmful, and must be avoided at all costs and that’s all you need to know.

Well... let’s just say there’s a lot more to the story!

Up until 1937, cannabis was used across every major industry throughout America. Medicine? Check. Farming? Check. Raw materials? Check. Food? Check.

With over 50,000 different uses, cannabis was THE go-to plant. That is until the government banned it back in the 30s.

Since then, MJ has constantly had people questioning, “Is marijuana bad for you?

Why Cannabis Got a Bad Rap

If you’re a millennial, you were brought up when cannabis was treated as the enemy. Luckily, in the years since its ban, more and more people are beginning to see it as a friend—with 16 states having fully legalized cannabis for those 21 and over.

There’s a whole slew of reasons why cannabis became morally offensive to society…

  • It was beginning to be used more recreationally beyond its traditional medicinal roots

  • The media portrayed the smell, appearance, and “pothead” behaviors of cannabis negatively

  • And last but not least, people who used cannabis were automatically stereotyped as irresponsible, ambitionless, and even immoral (parents in particular!)

To understand why MJ got its bad rap, we need to first address where the marijuana stigma came from.

The History of Marijuana

Let’s go back in time, 223 years to be exact.

Cannabis made its first debut in America back in 1798—with Irish doctor William O’Shaughnessy introducing its therapeutic benefits to Western medicine. 

Then, in the early 1900s, Texas and Louisiana started seeing an influx of immigration from Mexico, and with these new Americans came a brand new word—marihuana.

While American’s were knowledgeable around cannabis, they were foreign to the term “marihuana.”

In comes the media, who begin playing on Americans’ fears by falsely spreading claims about the “disruptive Mexicans” with their dangerous native behaviors, including marijuana use. What the rest of the country didn’t know was that this “marihuana” was something they’ve had in their medicine cabinets for decades.

The demonization of this plant is what initially led to the demonization of Mexican immigrants

This led to the Texas government searching, detaining, and deporting Mexican immigrants out of El Paso.

Think we’re joking? Check out the article below—dated September 25, 1915 (p.s. we wish we were joking).

The rumors got so out of hand that claims were even being made about marijuana’s ability to cause men of color to become violent and solicit sex from white women (excuse us, what?!). Remember—we’re still talking about a PLANT here. A plant that has been used as medicine for thousands of years.

Whatsmore, Harry J. Anslinger—the first commissioner of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Federal Bureau of Narcotics—started a racially-targeted, national hatred towards cannabis, making statements like, “There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the U.S., and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their satanic music, jazz, and swing result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negros, entertainers, and any others.

That’s when things started going downhill for cannabis, with four federal laws being passed in just 33 years...

  • 1937: The Marijuana Tax Act is passed—taxing the sale of cannabis.

  • 1951: The Boggs Act is passed—heightening the penalty for cannabis possession, with first-time offenses requiring 2-10 year sentences and a minimum $20,000 fine.

  • 1956: The Narcotics Control Act is passed—banning the sale, transportation, and concealment of cannabis.

  • 1970: The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) is passed by Congress—assigning cannabis as a schedule 1 drug (just for reference, other “Schedule 1” drugs include heroin, LSD, and peyote).

It didn’t take long for people to stop thinking “should I smoke cannabis” and start viewing weed as bad and dangerous. In our personal opinion, the people blaming cannabis are the people to blame.

Is Marijuana Bad for You: Debunked

After nearly 100 years of hatred, there came a turning point for this dear plant. 

Fast forward to the 21st century…

After much torment, cannabis is beginning to be normalized again.

And that’s the mission we stand behind—to keep normalizing. To keep pushing for acceptance. To turn it from stigma to solution so that people no longer question “is marijuana bad for me?

That’s why we rigorously vet the vast world of cannabis and hand-pick the highest quality cannabis products to give you the very best experience so that you may begin to rethink cannabis and elevate your lifestyle.

Cannabis to Upgrade Your Lifestyle

So by now, you may be wondering, “Should I get high?”, “Is smoking weed bad for you?”, “will this align with my healthy lifestyle?”

These are all perfectly normal questions. Cannabis has been creating a lot of positive buzz among people worldwide. What used to be demonized is now being praised for its health and lifestyle benefits. From wellness to alternative medicine to even improving our pets’ health, it’s not just about ‘smoking pot’ anymore, but about embracing the positive effects this plant has on our lives.

How Do I Try Cannabis?

Luckily, there are now many different ways to try cannabis.

If it’s your first time getting high, don’t you worry. We have cannabis for both beginners and for the Bob Marleys out there. All it takes is a little bit of experimentation to see what makes you feel the most blissed out. At Sava, we bring you the best of California cannabis all categorized and catered to your desired effects.

Refer to the list below as you begin to test and taste which method of consumption you like best. 

  • Topicals: Balms, oils, and lotions that can be applied to the skin to reduce pain, tension, and inflammation quickly. Since cannabinoids don’t enter the bloodstream when applied topically, these don’t make the user high.

  • Edibles: Maybe you’re wondering, “Are edibles bad for you?” And here’s a good rule to live by—if you’re sticking to cannabis-infused food and beverages that are low in sugar and aren’t heavily processed, then you’re good to go! We have everything from energizing gummies to Cann Social Tonic to Tranquil-Tea—each dedicated to making you feel blissed out by the bite (or sip). And because our edibles are processed by your digestive system before entering your bloodstream, the effects are typically felt within 15-60 minutes and last several hours.

  • Vaping: This allows the user to inhale a vaporized cannabis product (oil, wax, concentrate) that goes directly into the bloodstream. You’ll feel relief within minutes, and it will last one to two hours. And if you want a good health-conscious hit, our Pax Era Pro is the perfect solution. This allows you to “dry vape” cannabis, which essentially heats the flower just enough so that the cannabinoids are released, but there is minimal burning and smoke.

  • Transdermal: Cannabis-infused patches placed directly on the skin provide a slow-release form of pain management and inflammation reduction. These are designed to enter the bloodstream so you can have a psychoactive effect, unlike topicals.

  • Smoking: You may be thinking to yourself, “Should I smoke cannabis?” And hey, that’s a valid question. If you want to feel the benefits fast, this is one of the best ways. We also find that taking intentional, unrushed time to smoke flowers allow for a more relaxing, rewarding experience.

  • Tinctures: This may be the perfect place to start if you’re looking for cannabis for beginners. With tinctures, you can measure out the perfect dose for you. Tinctures are cannabis concentrates in oil or alcohol that are consumed orally (best absorbed if you put it under your tongue). Like edibles, they’re broken down in the digestive system and have similar onset and duration.

  • Sublingual: Strips or tablets placed under the tongue that dissolve. They go directly into your bloodstream, therefore having a similar effect to vaping and smoking.

Will Any of These Give Me a Bad High?

If it’s your first time getting high, let’s do it right. Bad highs are highly preventable. Typically, they arise for a few different reasons…

  • Incorrect dosing. It’s essential to know your “sweet spot” when it comes to dosing, and lucky for you, this is one of our areas of expertise! We will do everything we can to ensure you don’t have a “bad trip.”

  • Unfamiliarity with the cultivar. You’ve most likely heard the word “strain” and “cannabis” intertwined in the same sentence (i.e. What strain of cannabis is that? Is that a strain of indica or sativa?). And if we’re going to clean up cannabis’ reputation, then we need to clean up the vocabulary that’s associated with it too…

So, the next time your buddy uses the word “strain” when talking about cannabis, you can rightly correct them with cultivar.

In short, what “strains” are to the sickness world (i.e. flu strain), cultivars are to the plant world.

Cultivar is the short form for “cultivated variety”, and according to the Oxford English Dictionary, a cultivar is a plant variety that has been produced in cultivation by selective breeding. AKA, it’s been touched and selected by human hands.

So, cannabis cultivars refer to a specific type of cannabis with a specific cannabinoid and terpene profile.

Those are the three things that will determine the type of high you have—the type of cannabis, the specific cannabinoids, and the specific terp profile.

Simply taking note of these three aspects will bliss out your cannabis experience all the more. And don’t forget, our team at Sava will match you with the perfect cultivar. Head here and let us know what type of “high” you’re aiming for—zenned out and creative, focused, energetic but calm, giggly and stress free? Your wish is our command.

  • The ambiance. Believe it or not, everything from the people you’re with to the music you’re listening to can have an impact on your high. Bad highs are more likely to happen in a “party-based” setting, because it’s easy for social pressure to take over and cause overconsumption.

So, the next time you find yourself paranoid about having a bad trip, wondering, “Should I get high?” just remember to keep track of how much you’re actually consuming, what strain it is, and the ambiance of the moment.

Smoking weed and taking edibles has many positive benefits for many people while others don’t mesh well with the altered state of consciousness or are more prone to paranoia and bad trip. Only you can know if it is right for you and we’re here to give you the best shot at a blissful cannabis experience.Generally speaking we always suggest to start low and go slow. Remember you can always gradually add more to reach a desirable state, there’s no need to rush. Do also keep in mind that it can take up to 20 minutes for smoking and vaping and 2-3 hours for edibles to take effect so pace yourself and enjoy the journey.

Cannabis for Beginners: The Benefits

We’ve talked about the marijuana stigma. We’ve talked about what type of cannabis you should consume. We’ve talked about how NOT to get a bad high. Now, let’s talk about the miraculous benefits this plant has to offer.

There’s a reason that cannabis has been a friend longer than it’s been a foe. It comes PACKED with health benefits. Among the dozens of benefits it offers us, here are Sava’s favorite five...


Inflammation is the leading cause of chronic pain. According to researchers, the chemical components in the cannabis plant—cannabinoids—have anti-inflammatory properties that may relieve chronic pain. Better yet, it’s an effective and safer alternative treatment than prescription opioids to manage chronic pain.

Try a natural Infused Spiced Honey filled with natural turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon for a rapid effect. It provides an anti-inflammatory effect on your body and is just what you need to re-harmonize, obtain restful sleep, manage pain, and reduce inflammation. Simply add a teaspoon to your drinks, bread, sauces, & enjoy this artisan-crafted Infused Spiced Honey!


Regulating the production of cortisol—the body’s main stress hormone—which in turn helps us feel less stressed, and therefore less anxious is another superpower of cannabis.

Sava Tip: Make sure to consume the right amount of THC and CBD. Too much of either of these could potentially bring the opposite effect (a “bad high”).

Adding a cannabis-infused sparkling beverage like WUNDER to your daily ritual is the perfect way to reap the benefits. Crafted with all-natural ingredients, 2mg THC, 2mg Delta-8, and 4mg of CBD, it will put you in a calm, blissful state by the sip.


Let’s be honest, with the multiple “stay at home” orders we’ve had in the past year, we need a reason to get some fresh air. Our mental health is begging us! It’s undeniable that nature brightens our mood. And when ingesting or smoking cannabis, your senses heighten all the more.

Pack some Pineapple Habanero Camino Gummies and plan a safe trip to the Mojave to invigorate your senses! A pairing of energy-stimulating Sativa terpenes with ripe pineapple and a touch of heat makes for the perfect daytime lift.


Sore from that HIIT workout? Tense from that WFH life? Well, once again, cannabis has your back (literally).

Fill your bathtub, add some Epsom Mineral Soak, and let the salts draw out toxins from muscles associated with soreness, stress, and pain while the cannabis interacts with nerve endings to soothe aches, pains, and dermatological imbalances. Because the skin is our largest organ, the power of a cannabis soak is THAT much more relaxing and beneficial.

Top it off by using Comfort Body Butter to reduce muscle soreness.


Due to the stigma, cannabis comes bearing yet another bad reputation. When it comes to cannabis and socializing, people often report feeling sleepy and anxious or anti-social. Therefore, many avoid using marijuana in social contexts altogether.

If you’re looking to socialize better while high, we’ve got good news! Cannabis is an incredibly varied plant with many different effects. All it takes is knowing your strain preference and milligram sweet spot. While certain strains may have you feeling cozy under the blanket rather than talking to friends, others are the ideal party companion, leaving you relaxed, energized and talkative.

Take our Cann Cannabis Infused Social Tonic, for instance. Pop open a can(n) of this, and you’ll be met with a light, refreshing buzz of THC and CBD (a perfect 1:2 ratio).

The best part? This type of “buzz” leaves you without that morning hangover. Cheers to that!


We could all probably use a little pick-me-up in the romance area of our lives. With being at home more often due to the pandemic, you’re probably spending (a lot) more time with your significant other. Which may have you feeling frustrated or over the moon, depending on you how you’re adapting.

Sex therapist Melissa Novak shares her wisdom saying, "Realize that we're in a really crazy scenario. People often think, 'Well because this is happening in my relationship that means there is something wrong with this relationship,' when there is really something wrong with this situation.”

So, begin to see this situation as one where you can understand your partner better. One where you experiment with new, exciting, romantic things. Turning to cannabis products like Love Potion No. 7 Tincture and Cannabis Intimacy Oil is the perfect place to start. They’re packed with all the goodies to leave you feeling stress-free, more positive, euphoric, and with a little extra desire to carry you through the night ;).

The science behind it?

 Basically, THC is a vasodilator. This means that when you apply it topically, it increases blood flow and sensation. Intimate oils like our Love Potion and Cannabis Intimacy Oil work only on women's anatomy, but our customers report an orgasmically enhanced sensation.

Another perk of cannabis is that it helps you focus on the here and now, which makes any romantic encounter that much more fun!


The new cannabinoid on the block?

Cannabinol—CBN for short.

CBN is known as the “sleep cannabinoid” as it makes your body feel heavy—ready to catch a lot of Z’s. And if you’re one of the 70 million Americans who suffers from a sleep disorder, then CBN may be your new BFF.

One of our favorite sleep-promoting cannabis products is the Sleep Cannabis-Infused Botanical Mints.

These mints have the perfect ratio of THC, CBN, and melatonin and a dreamy blend of botanicals including organic peppermint, rose, chamomile, and black pepper.

So, the next time you find yourself tossing and turning, aching for a good night's sleep, reach for these to help you drift away into dreamland.

A New Era of Cannabis is Upon Us

Cannabis has gone through its fair share of hardship and turmoil. Thankfully stigmas and lies are beginning to fade away, replaced instead by many important questions and facts. We’re happy to get to be the ones to educate and empower you along your journey through this new era of cannabis. 

This is what we live for—to holistically meet YOUR needs. Because we know that everyone is different, with different preferences, and with different relationships to cannabis. We ensure that you get the very best cannabis with the ideal effects for you!

Talk to a real human today who can guide you to your best-case cannabis experience, or start with a small sample order of cannabis goodies and experiment to find the perfect fit.