Holiday tree and people in background

Sava’s Holiday Survival Guide


Whether you’re reuniting with cool cousins, playing Santa, or feasting with friends, your high-action holiday season will be a lot more fun and a lot less exhausting with the right cannabis accompaniments. (Mint, anyone?)  We’re here for you with handcrafted, high vibe options from traditional farm fresh flower to soothing topicals to festive cocktails and edibles. We’ll teach you how to use ahead-of-their-time cannabinoids to enjoy less stressful holidays and enter the new decade fully charged. 

Here are our tips to not just survive but thrive through all kinds of holiday madness.


We love them so much, and they can drive us so cray. Make your travel worth the effort and your family time quality time with non-psychoactive cannabinoids and light doses of social THC. 

For a mellow dose of calm

Level CBG Protabs and Calm Tablinguals instantly deliver micro to low doses of CBG, a cannabinoid that brings everything down a notch but doesn’t make you high. You’ll keep your cool, even when Uncle Fred gets political.

Aunt Mary wants to try weed for her first time since the 70s? Sweet! 

Petra Mints by Kiva are a palatable low dose of 2.5 mg. This is a great beginner’s dose, or she can start with just half of one if she wants to really ease in. Wait an hour then adjust dose upward if desired. Now available in festive Cinnamon! 

She’s dead set on smokin’ it like the golden days? 

We recommend a Coast 2:1 Pre-Roll from Henry’s Original Premium Cannabis Smokes

The perfect choice with their wintery pine and citrus nose. The psychoactivity of THC is tempered by the calming and even pain-relieving sensations of CBD.   

Time to put the cookies out for Santa and build that 53,423 piece toy castle for little Billy...

There’s nothing like hot cocoa on a winter’s eve, especially OM Edibles’ CBD Raw Sipping Cacao. Warm up your favorite milk (we like hemp milk!) and stir in a teaspoon to get natural cacao energy and nutrients plus the physically and mentally calming effects of CBD. 

Got your presents wrapped early and just catching up with your favorite cousins? 

Add a Peppermint Bark Mellows Handcrafted Marshmellow to your cocoa. This seasonal specialty is a low-dose THC treat of festive peppermint marshmallows drizzled in white & dark chocolate, topped with a flurry of candy cane bits.


It’s a convenient benefit of social cannabis use that we tend to drink less and wake up feeling better the next day than if we’d been boozing it up. Take advantage of these social and uplifting products to enjoy your holiday celebrations night after night. 

Cruising to your company party

Keep it low key and elegant with Bloom Farms’ Rose Gold 1:1 Vaporizer. This gorgeous utensil is paired with BLOOM FARMS’ sativa-dominant ACDC. ACDC’s high CBD and very low THC content ensures minimal psychoactivity while positively influencing mood and focus. The flavor has refreshing notes of spice, lemon and pine.

Gatherings with friends deserve good vibes

Bring some next-level style to the party and serve a Kikoko Positivi-Tea cannabis cocktail. This pepperminty tea mixes well with ginger beer and a squeeze of lime - simply brew, ice, and garnish with a candy cane. This mildly caffeinated tea is a stronger THC blend with a 2:1 THC and CBD ratio, and is known to bring on joy and laughter. One brewed tea can make 1-4 drinks depending on desired strength. Get creative with some of Kikoko’s other cocktail recipes, too. 

Staying in on a cold winter’s night

Rest is also a legit celebration technique! Popup Potcorn Cannabis-infused Microwave Popcorn offers three different ways to enjoy movie night with your buds: CBDTHC, and our favorite 1:1 ratio for the best of both worlds. All three are infused with enough milligrams to pass the pouch on the left hand side. If you want to dress up the salted butter flavor of your Potcorn, here are three amazing recipes.

When the countdown is on and the new decade is near

The clock ticks, and the time to live it up is This. Very. Moment. 

Celebrate with Chemistry’s sun grown Electric Jah cannabis extract. Plug into the CCELL Vape Pen Battery and this balanced CBD session vape will bless you with an uplifting buzz in the form of a cool menthol jolt. Enjoy performance-enhancing clarity, especially if your performance is on the dance floor! Recharge, refresh, and keep it moving!

Kiss Me Quick! 

Spark joy with a Sunday Goods partytime pre-roll pack. The Delight Pre-Roll Pack is selected specifically to give you all smiles... sweet, citrusy-tasting smiles for the stroke of midnight!


Rest is ultimately the key to energy -- rest well with these handy helpers.

Sleep for Sanity

For a disco nap in the car or in the air, Float On Microdose by Kin Slips are compact, portable, and dissolve under your tongue to deliver a precise, quick-acting dose of indica. 

When it’s an actual good night’s sleep you’re after, Cosmic View Slumber Tincture is your go-to for insomnia. Organically grown olive oil infused with the restful herbs skullcap, roman chamomile and valerian. Dosed appropriately, you’ll get a solid sleep without a groggy morning.

When you find out there IS such thing as too much fun

Hangovers happen. Thank Donner and Blitzen for Hangover Protabs by Level. Next level cannabinoids THCA, CBD, CBG and ?8 combine in one easy pill to swallow to feel better without getting high. Newcomers, start with half. 

Full Recovery Home Spa

Don’t stress, decompress. Deep relaxation and a total reset in three easy steps…

  1. Infuse your favorite tea with Juna’s Nude Drops, an antioxidant-rich CBD tincture designed to release bodily stresses. Clear, connect, balance. 

  2. Anoint yourself with Om Edibles’ Bath and Body Oil  (lavender, rose geranium, or fragrance free) and bask in a warm bath.

  3. Massage Kiskanu’s luxurious Cannabis Face Oil into your neck, jaw and temples to release any residual tension and as a moisturizing face treatment to replenish your skin. 

We at Sava wish you the healthiest and happiest of holidays!


Ordering from Sava is easy, and we’ll deliver right to your door in a discreet package. Have questions about what to order? Call or email us for advice!

*Make sure everyone consuming cannabis at your gathering is 21+.