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420 is more than just a celebration of great weed. Here at Sava, everyone’s favorite high holiday is all about working towards the industry we want to see, and part of that is uplifting the growers and product makers who’ve been shaping the industry since day one.

It’s no secret that steep taxes and complex regulations are harming cannabis cultivators and businesses. Small farms were integral in the fight for legalization, but many are struggling due to heavy fees and competition from multi-acre mega-farms that can afford to sell low-quality flower for bargain-basement prices. Despite producing some of our favorite craft cannabis, these small farms just can’t compete.

You may be seeing deal after deal—$5 eighths and other steep 420 discounts—crop up everywhere. We know that consumers like you are also feeling the weight of taxes, and it’s tempting to jump on these deals. But by purchasing an artisan product from craft brands, you’re choosing to support a fair and equitable industry that offers high-quality, sustainably-grown products.


The easiest way to support these brands is by purchasing their products. You can sort by small craft brands under the "values" filter on our shop page.

Join us by using your dollars to vote for the progressive and equitable industry that you want to see thrive.


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Photos courtesy Sonoma Hills Farm