Sava and House of Puff Elevate Cannabis with New Joint Holder

Sava and House of Puff align on every level. Two Latina-founded cannabis companies, both value the highest possible curation standards when it comes to the products they carry and produce. With the shared goal of elevating cannabis beyond its stereotypes and reaching a more modern, sophisticated audience, Sava and House of Puff are thrilled to debut their first collaboration, House of Puff’s Soho Holder in Sava’s signature teal color palette.

Why should you use a joint holder? Turns out this little accessory holds the secret to a smoother, cleaner smoke, and more.

Shop the Soho joint holder here. For a limited time, we're offering an exclusive set with products from Latina-owned brands: the Soho joint holder, Pure Beauty's Sea Star flower, House of Puff's rolling papers with art by Paula Flores, and a Sava pouch.

About the Joint Holder

Our new Soho Holder will give your sesh a dash of downtown sophistication. When you use this holder, there's no more contact between your lips and your rolling papers. So your smoke stays nice and firm, and your lips stay picture perfect. 

But a good holder is much more than an accessory. It safeguards your throat, fingers, makeup, and clothes. It also helps you make the most of your mix. With all that going for it, a beautiful cigarette holder is the perfect addition to your stash bag.

The petite Soho Holder is also made to accommodate different filter sizes. You can smoke out of either end of it. A slimmer smoke fits in one end, and a thicker one in the other.

Our exquisite hand-blown glass holder is handcrafted by an artist in California. Each hand-blown glass holder is a one-of-a-kind work of art all your own. Slight variations show the artist's hand.

Pair your joint holder with House of Puff's gorgeous papers, which come wrapped in the vibrant image of the original painting Grass Level by internationally acclaimed Latina artist, Paula Flores. Available as part of our limited edition exclusive set.

About House of Puff

House of Puff empowers people to consume cannabis unapologetically—by making it chic and easy. As New Yorkers, they know the power that art has to change culture. So art is in their DNA. With expert curation, they work largely with women and BIPOC artists to translate high-culture aesthetics into products that elevate cannabis above any stigma. Women-owned and Latina-led, they also produce inclusive educational content that bridges the worlds of cannabis, contemporary art, and restorative justice.

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