Artet is the first cannabis beverage designed for your bar cart.

Artet is a family company, founded by two brothers and a cousin, with a shared appreciation for a well made drink. Our flagship product celebrates the traditions of cocktail culture and the communal nature of cannabis culture. Designed for enjoying on the rocks or as the base of a mixed drink, Artet is a non-alcoholic take on the traditional aperitif. Whether you choose to drink it over ice or with bubbles and a twist, Artet is the perfect companion to unwind with.

Each bottle is a blend of seven all-natural botanicals and cannabis. Our flagship bottle has 37.5 mg THC with 15 socially dosed servings of 2.5 mg THC. The intuitive dosing and fast acting onset time (10-15 minutes) make it tolerance agnostic, so that experienced consumers and newer consumers alike can find their preferred pour and enjoy a few drinks on their own terms.

We hope you enjoy. Cheers!