Making delicious cannabis beverages.

Finally, something millennial and baby boomers can agree on!  Anyone can enjoy a California Dreamin’ after a long day of work, at a backyard BBQ, or instead of a mimosa at brunch.  Start with half and wait an hour if you’re new.  Otherwise, pull a cold one from the fridge or pour over ice and enjoy!

Amy and Peter started making cannabis beverages for their friends and family, taking them on camping trips or bringing them to dinner parties.They noticed that many of the people they were close to were trying to drink less alcohol, but didn’t want to sacrifice the relaxing, social experience of indulging in an adult beverage.  Before they knew it, orders were coming in, and they realized it was time to quit their jobs and dive head first into the industry.

From day one, it was about the California Dream – to live life to the fullest and enjoy the natural wonders California has to offer.  That’s why California Dreamin’ is all natural – no added sugars, no chemicals, no preservatives.  Amy and Peter were determined to make something that made people feel good without sacrificing their health in the process.  Keeping doses low and using only high quality cannabis extract from light uplifting sativa strains make these bubbly beverages accessible to new users and delicious to frequent users alike.