Calexo brings a smile to your mind.

Calexo is a sparkling cannabis beverage made with all-natural fruit juices, botanicals, and nano-emulsified THC. It’s precisely dosed for an easy-to-control, uplifting experience.

Nobody knows your body better than you. That’s why we crafted a drink that puts you in-control. Sip and savor for an onset of lightly-lifting effects in about 15 minutes. Once consumed, each serving’s buzz lasts about an hour. Fast-acting THC makes it easy to find your perfect high–ramp up or slow down, whenever you want. Calexo empowers you to feel comfortable exploring cannabis.

Calexo is a social drink that fits in at cocktail parties, beach days, and intimate gatherings. A low-calorie alcohol-alternative designed to delight the senses, shift perspectives, and inspire celebration. A sophisticated fizzy beverage that is, to put it simply: wonderful.

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