Win the day with great tasting, light cannabis

You might already know from personal experience that cannabis can spark creativity and lead to big ideas. Or you might have heard of certain super productive folks like Maya Angelou and Carl Sagan who were lifetime cannabis enthusiasts.

But cannabis has been getting stronger and stronger over the years, and while low strength varieties of edibles exist, there has never been anything light to smoke while you work or socialize with friends. Our goal was to create the perfect productive joint – a joint that could help you accomplish an honest day's work with a smile.

Country helps you win the day with the freshest, most flavorful cannabis flower and joints grown sustainably by family-owned farms. Their exclusive “Light Cannabis” blends feature terpene-rich THC and CBD flower at different ratios to provide an uplifting social & productive high. And their reusable, vacuum-sealed packaging keeps their products fresh longer and can be secured again and again.

Crafting our product took many long hours and we couldn't have done it alone. We partnered with the best of the best from our growers to the packaging maker and beyond. They all came on board because they share our vision to create the perfect great-tasting productive joint.

Forget the old narrative about slacker stoners. We at Country celebrate the hard work of all cannabist enthusiasts—from the famous luminaries to the everyday heroes.

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