A woman-owned and operated business specializing in all natural, irresistibly delicious plant-based gummies.

Working only with high-quality organic ingredients, we’re in the business of making delicious candy. Our all natural gummies are the perfect plant-based alternative to traditional gelatin gummies: no cannabis aftertaste, an added boost of Vitamin C, prebiotic fiber tapioca syrup instead of corn syrup, and plant-based colorants instead of petrochemical ones. The result is a juicy, mouth-watering soft chew with true fruit flavor and zero gelatin, something we can feel good about sharing with our friends and family.

So why the name Elefante? We take a lot of inspiration from elephants. They’re intelligent, they’re trustworthy, and, as the largest land animals, they form the environment around them. We strive to be the elephant in the industry, the gentle giant that raises the standards of what people can expect out of a cannabis brand. May we move slowly forward with grace and gratitude, remembering that connection and kindness are the reasons why we’re in this in the first place.