Farm Cut

Farm Cut

Sun+Earth certified, minimally processed flower

Trichomes are the key to protecting terpenes and cannabinoids that bring flavor and effects to your cannabis experience. Farm Cut's minimal processing ensures these trichomes remain in tact. Just like we keep our coffee beans whole until the moment they are ready to be brewed, we can now enjoy whole plant cannabis preserved at its optimal state until its ready to be enjoyed.

All farms in Farm Cut are Sun+Earth certified, meaning we practice organic and regenerative cannabis farming methods. You can know for certain that this cannabis was grown alongside vegetables and other medicinal herbs in a balanced and naturally diverse farm ecosystem. But we dont stop there, all of our farms actively support the communities we live in, from Humboldt and Mendocino to Nevada County.

Compliant environmentally responsible packaging means you can feel good about the product you purchase. Plant based lid, and re-usable mason jar means no virgin plastic was used to package Farm Cut flower. The jars are packaged on farm by the farmer and vacuum sealed before they leave the farm, bringing a bit of fresh farm air along for the ride. Regeneratively grown flower in sustainable eco-friendly packaging, prepared by the farmers themselves.

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