Exquisite macarons that combine contemporary design with spectacular flavors

Hervé proudly blends together decades of traditional French culinary history with modern innovation to create the world’s only luxury edibles for the discerning cannabis consumer. While most companies mass-produce ordinary products, Hervé focuses exclusively on creating edibles that deliver a completely new experience for the modern cannabis consumer.

Our macarons are dusted with real 23k-gold or rolled in rainbow sprinkles for a luxurious, unique finish. Each pack contains 3 macarons of the same flavor, each with 10mg of sativa hybrid premium THC distillate for a total of 30mg of THC per 3 pack box.

Hervé macarons are presented in an environmentally conscious CR 3-pack slide and tray box with each macaron sitting comfortably in our insert tray. Our high-quality packaging is made from recycled materials with the inner tray being a biodegradable PLA plastic. Once you’re done with your macarons, take the tray and compost it or bury in your garden and it will decompose in 3 months.

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