Women-owned company inspired by a friend who battled cancer

Kikoko offers all-organic, low-dose, cannabis-infused herbal products. Based on clinical research, each product is designed with a purpose in mind, pairing thoughtful cannabinoid ratios, synergistic herbs and herb terpenes for mood, libido, sleep, and pain. Caring deeply about what we put into our own bodies, we test everything thoroughly to ensure all our products are pesticide, mold, and toxin-free and accurately dosed.

We started this business for a very good reason. We had a friend who battled cancer for years with such goodwill, optimism and grace it was hard to believe she was so sick. She didn’t like smoking cannabis, but needed to use it for pain, appetite and nausea. The problem was that she was always getting too high from the edibles she took. At the same time we noticed that other friends were taking more and more pharmaceuticals to sleep, to combat depression and anxiety, and even medicine to boost their flagging libido. Most of those medicines had horrific side effects. Why use dangerous chemicals when you could potentially use a natural plant? 

So that’s how two middle-aged women—one formerly a journalist and the other a serial entrepreneur—got into the cannabis business. We tackled the industry to create a product line that appeals to women of all ages who want alternatives to pharmaceuticals for sleep, mood, pain and libido and who want products that are sensibly dosed.

We are passionate about the science that substantiates cannabis as a medicine, and formulate our teas specifically. Our teas do not taste of cannabis and they are blended with herbs that are top-shelf, all organic, and medicinal.

Sip and be well!

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