Lady Gemini

Lady Gemini

Pre-rolls with a purpose. An Oakland Social Equity Brand.

Lady Gemini grew out of social justice issues we face in the cannabis industry as well as a desire to move cannabis into the legitimate place it deserves.

Sixteen years ago founder Dawn was convicted of multiple cannabis felonies for cultivation and distribution and suffered greatly as a result of the war on drugs and the prohibition of cannabis.

Reinventing herself was her only salvation. After the conviction, employers declined to hire her due to her felony record despite her skill set, so she taught herself bookkeeping and started her own business as a way to survive. Today she is a Certified Licensed Public Bookkeeper and has leveraged her accounting and cannabis knowledge to help as many cannabis companies as possible to enter the regulated legal market. Given her history of living a grower lifestyle for 12 years in the pre-legalization market, she felt uniquely equipped to be a trusted guide for cannabis entrepreneurs and she realized this was her calling - working to legitimize cannabis and helping others transition into the legal market.

Fast forward to 2017, Dawn was introduced to co-founder Joshua while working for Kanna to set up their financials for the Oakland dispensary application process. Kanna eventually won one of the two coveted General Dispensary Licenses in Oakland. They then incubated Lady Gemini as one of the seven Social Equity Businesses under their umbrella, and Lady Gemini is now thriving. Joshua is an Oakland native who grew up on the streets of Oakland most targeted during the War on Drugs. He put himself through college and earned an Engineering Degree. Now he is a Master Grower with years of experience, building his own cannabis businesses. Lady Gemini is a proud participant of Oakland’s Social Equity Program

Their pre-rolls are made with flower from Sanctuary Farms, a farm owned by a woman of color  in Grass Valley. The cannabis is grown outdoors in natural soil. Sanctuary Farms lost their entire farm and harvest during the fires two years ago and have finally made a comeback, and Lady Gemini is thrilled to support them.

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